Friday, August 26, 2011

New York Jewish Federation Head Under Fire

Hat tip to New English Review

My friend and colleague Jerry Gordon has penned an article expanding on the report on John Ruskay, head of the New York UJA-Federation.

And oh, the money!

I find it interesting that so many major Jewish organizations in the US have ties to people like George Soros and others who are trying to undermine Israel while hiding their actual hostility to the Jewish state. Not that every American Jew is expected to be a supporter of Israel. Many are not-most notably Jewish Voice for Peace. Others, like J Street, proclaim themselves to be pro-Israel while supporting virtually every Palestinian talking point. It strikes me that some of these organizations are founded on lies.

Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

It seems that some people want to imposed a single standard of "political correctness" to which all Jewish Americans are expected to adhere.

It is rather like expecting Allan West and Al Sharpton to share a common vision because they have the same skin color.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, but organizations should not lie about their true sympathies. be honest about it. J Str is a stealth group.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Are they? Have they committed themselves to the destruction of Israel? Or are they, perhaps, committed to something closer to the dream of the Mapam and the original Zionist kibbutzniks than to the dream of the Sons of the Irgun who run Israeli policy now? Are they against Israel, or against the policies of the current Israeli government? There is a difference, and your knee-jerk reflex "My Israel, right or wrong" is doing the survival of Israel no favors.

For you, or for someone who is Jewish, to say "J Str is a stealth group" is in itself setting up a standard of political correctness. "Only those who have a politically correct line are REALLY pro-Israel. Those who deviate from the Party Line are stealth groups." Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between Gary Fouse and Joseph Stalin, except of course that they wave different banners. Don't forget, Stalin cast all three of the USSR's votes in favor of partition.