Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Week's I-Fest at UC-Irvine-Where Was Siddiqi?

UCI May 10, 2011- Day Two of Hate Week

Imam Sayed Mustafa Qazwini, Rabbi Frank Stern and two unidentified persons chat

Last week was I-Fest at UC-Irvine, a week-long celebration of Israel to mark the nation's founding. There was hookah-smoking, belly dancers (my personal favorite), falafel sales and exhibits about Israel, an up-beat alternative to the gloom and doom of Israel Hate Week, the annual production against Israel put on by the Muslim Student Union. One thing was missing, however, last week. What was that, you ask? That would be a visit by local moderate, peace-loving imam Muzammil Siddiqi and his group of interfaith ministers/rabbis/imams (Interfaith Council), who paid a visit to the MSU event a couple of weeks back.

Muzammil Siddiqi

Siddiqi on left, Qazwini speaking with CAIR

As I noted on this blog, the day that Alison Weir came to speak at UCI and trash Israel, Siddiqi showed up with another local imam, a rabbi, and a Catholic priest. They were all dressed to the nines in their clerical garb. They didn't speak publicly, so I have no idea why they were there. There could have been two explanations. One, they were there to send a message of interfaith solidarity in what is always a tense event that requires police presence; or two, they were there to stand in solidarity with the MSU and their anti-Israel speakers.

If the reason is the former, then I would ask Siddiqi and his friends why they didn't pay a similar visit to I-Fest, especially on Wednesday, which was "Community Day", the biggest day. Indeed, if Siddiqi et al want to spread mutual understanding, especially between Muslims and Jews, why attend the MSU event, but not the I-Fest?

Maybe they don't smoke hookahs.


Squid said...

Gary, I am very surprised that you do not know why Siddiqi was absent from the I-fest at UCI. You may have thought that Siddiqi is a phony inter-faith supporter. Or, maybe he would not go against the MSU anti-Israel stance.
I know why he did not show. Siddiqi was polishing his "Rusty" award, trying to get the oxidation off his ill conceived trophy. Like many of the Nobel Peace prizes, this award has no merit, as is this year's recipient.


Gary Fouse said...

Very well stated, Squid. Remember that in mid-June the OC Board of Supervisors votes on whether to fund this monster another year for $300,000. The public needs to let the BoS know they want this white elephant defunded.

Pls keep letters polite.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You really miss Siddiqi, don't you? Some kind of love-hate thing going on here?

Gary Fouse said...

More to come.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but the Executive Director of CAIR OF Los Angeles has this video posted on his blog.

63 years of occupation? Hmmm, I guess he thinks all of Israel is occupying what he considers Palestine. So much for being a moderate.

I am shocked (not really) there is no mention that the person who made this video does not also hate suicide bombers or rocket and mortar attacks Hamas has commmitted over the years. Or any reason why Israel might have some of the extreme measures shown to create a secure environment for its citizens.