Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Yale Student Speaks Out

                                                  Yale University
                                 "Producing the Leaders of Tomorrow"

                                       Graduation ceremony
  Frontpage Magazine has re-printed an article by Yale student Nathaniel Zelinsky, which originally appeared in the Yale Daily News. In this article, Zelinsky talks about the lies that abound during Israel Apartheid Week. He also mentions one of the Palestinian speakers who came to speak at Yale, a former Yale professor named Mazin Qumsiye. Read what the article has to say about this character.

Of interest to readers of this blog is the fact that Qumsiye (also spelled Qumsiyeh) is a treasured contact of the UC-Irvine Olive Tree Initiative, as previously pointed out on this site. He is on one whale of a US tour as we speak. I wonder who pays for it.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

This article is largely accurate, although I wouldn't be sure the Israeli military has never targeted innocent civilians. A tank lobbing a shell into a bedroom where four little girls are sleeping is at the least gross indifference.

To say that there is an influential Israel lobby in the U.S. is to state a self-evident fact. To say that it is a secret cabal that DOMINATES American politics is laughable. The distinction needs to be made.