Saturday, March 26, 2011

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho-It's Off to War We Go

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"Let me make one thing crystal clear...."

"Whenever people are in danger, when a dictator is threatening to conduct a bloodbath against his own people and bring instability to the region, we will act."

(Gee. I didn't know the Middle East was unstable. When did that happen?)

"The mission is not regime change. The mission is to protect the Libyan people. In fact, we may accomplish the mission and Ghaddafi could still remain."

"Ghaddafi has lost the legitimacy to govern and he must go."

"We are handing off command and control to NATO."

"Let me make one thing crystal clear. If the president takes this country to war against any nation that hasn't attacked us or poses an immediate threat to attack us, I will begin impeachment proceedings." 

Those are not exact quotes and have been made by various individuals, but I defy anyone to make the case that I am misquoting anyone. We've heard all these things said. Any informed observer can verify that, right?


Well, apparently, President Obama will clear this up Monday night when he addresses the nation and makes it crystal clear what our mission is in Libya, who we are helping, where he is taking this country, who will be commanding our troops, and what will happen to our old pal, Muammar Ghaddafi.

There's Hillary Clinton telling Ghaddafi's son, Mutassim that his old man must go.

There's EU President Herman van Rompuy (left) telling Ghaddafi that he must go.

So now NATO's in charge, eh? Twenty-eight member nations including Turkey and Albania. And they all  agree on military action?

I must admit that I am terribly confused about all this, but the President will make it all crystal clear on Monday night.
"That's right!"

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Qadaffi's losing.

Are we still complaining?