Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Big Announcement From Janet Napolitano- "Border Safer Than Ever"

The Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano (2010 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year), has just announced that our southern border is safer than ever!!!!

Actually, I didn't know we had a southern border. Not in Napolitanoland, at least.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Note to Janet and Gary:

Data please.

Gary Fouse said...

Data? Howe about disaster in Japan? Do you need data to realize its a disaster?

Squid said...

Now let me get this straight, as I scratch the top of my head. Napolitano says the border is safer than ever, while the State of Arizona tries to put greater enforcement on the border, because of the increased violence they have experienced. In addition, the U.S. DoJ is suing Arizona for its effort to protect themselves. The last time I looked, Napolitano and Holder work for the same employer. Can someone explain this to me. Thanks!


Gary Fouse said...

Sorry Squid,

Can't help you here. I can't explain it.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, I did indeed need data to realize that something disastrous had happened in Japan. Fortunately, the media were pretty decent about informing me that an earthquake had occured, that it had triggered a tsunami, the Richter scale rating of the earthquake (I experienced Loma Prieta at 7.1, so I can barely imagine what 9.0 must feel like. It would by twelve times as powerful). The media also reported that a nuclear power plant had ruptured, the numbers of people killed, showed videos of villages and lots full of cars being swept around like children's toys, and showed people in emergency shelters. All of this was DATA. Without ANY data, I would be blissfully ignorant that anything had happened in Japan.

Now, as an English teacher, I'm sure you know that the word "safer" is a comparative term. So the DATA would not show that the border "is dangerous." The mere use of the term "safer" implies that it is or has been "less safe." The data she needs to provide is, decrease in number of murders, robberies, deaths in the line of duty of border agents, incursions, as well as removal of armed gangs from national parks. If you want to laugh, the data you need to provide is credible evidence that some or all of these things have increased, or at least, that he numbers showing a decrease are unjustified.

Doesn't anybody, in or out of government, do their homework anymore?