Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yorba Linda Protest (Cont.)

I came across this video this morning showing some of the speakers who addressed the protesters last Sunday at the Yorba Linda Community Center. (Video by George M. Collins)

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Miggie said...

The deliveries weren't that great but the messages were. Clearly the "enemy" they were alluding to was the R. of P., considering what these speakers gathered to protest.

It is a shame that the Anonymous Muslims on this thread won't listen to these messages and take them to heart. These, not Malik Ali, are the messages and the messengers Americans embrace and if you don't like it you should really think about how out of place you are here....even if you were born here. Face it, you have a foreign ideology.

No matter how much Malik Ali exhorts you, there is not going to be an Islamic revolution here. Allah won't make all the infidels bow down to him no matter how many times a day you pray and no matter how you castigate the Jews, Israel, and the US.

So you can stay here and be miserable or go back to your country of origin or persuasion where most of the people think like you. Just think how happy you would be away from here and not have to worry so much about Jewish eruvs or "K's" on the milk cartons.