Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jim (The Jerk) Moran Makes Another Dopey Statement

Jim (The Jerk) Moran and a staffer brief a constituent

Jim (The Jerk) Moran is a Democratic congressman from Bullsnuts, Virginia who has been often featured on Fousesquawk because he has a hot temper and frequently makes an ass out of himself with his stupid statements. When Jim the Jerk walks into a room, babies cry, dogs growl, the paint peels off the walls and flowers die.  This is the guy who accused American Jews of instigating the war in Iraq, demanded to see the ID of a man who asked a hostile question at a town hall meeting, and was embarrassed on video by  a man who represented himself as a constiuent from Virginia's 12th District (which doesn't exist).

This week, Jimmy the Jerk has again embarrassed himself by telling an Arabic news outlet that the GOP won the House in the last election because of racism.  Not only does Jimmy the J repeat this tired old canard about President Obama's political opponents, he paints a racist picture of his own country to an Arab audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jim (The Jerk) Moran
(Democrat, of course)


Siarlys Jenkins said...

This is all you can find to talk about? How sad...

Findalis said...

At least this time he didn't blame the Jews.

With idiots like him in the Donkeycrat party, it just might be a landslide in 2012.

Gary Fouse said...


It's a slow day.

Siarlys Jenkins said...


Findalis, this guy might be a good example of why the Democrats need some vigorous primary fights in 2012. It did the Republicans a world of good in 2010. A few Democratic challengers in 2010 did well as the state level. I would love to see a lot more next time around.