Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dearborn Mosque Incident

In case you are not aware, a 63-year-old California man, Roger Stockham, was arrested last Monday by Dearborn, Michigan police in the parking lot of a major mosque. His car contained some sort of explosives described as grade C fireworks.

Apparently, Stockham had been overheard in a bar the previous evening making threatening statements about the mosque. A patron notified the police and Stockham was busted the next day at the mosque. He is still in custody.

In the past, I have chosen to mention certain incidents like this when they occur since organizations like CAIR have a field day with these cases. Some have turned out to be hoaxes.

In this case, however, the police have actually made an arrest and seized some sort explosive device. I am still not sure what kind of devices these are.

Nonetheless, acts like these are clearly unacceptable. Fortunately, it appears to be one lone man. Folks, this is no way to respond to the radical Islamists. I know nothing about this mosque or its leaders. Thus, I must assume these are innocent people just like the majority of American Muslims.

I still maintain that America has a proud record of not targeting innocent Muslims, especially since 9-11. We must keep it that way. There is room for honest discussion about some of the religious leaders in America and their messages. That discussion, however, must never damn an entire people. That is not the way Americans should do it.