Thursday, January 13, 2011

CAIR Says, "Don't Talk to the FBI"

Image for Know Your Rights and Defend Our Communities from Grand Juries entry
CAIR poster

"Subject to misinterpretation"

(Hat tip to the Investigative Project on Terrorism)

Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism has posted the below article. Let's be fair here and use the words of CAIR itself in the San Francisco poster.

If you read the announcement, the featured speaker for the February event in Oakland will be Hatem Abudayyed.,  head of the Arab American Action Network, whose home was raided by the FBI on September 24, 2010. Here is what Discover the Networks has to say about him.

Guess who founded the Arab American Action Network. That would be none other than Rashid Khalidi, who happens to be a pal of Barack Obama.

Oh, that's just guilt by association, you say. Of course. There is no connection between Abudayyed and the White House.

The Council on American Islamic Relations fancies itself as the legal arm of the American Muslim community. They are not although they have instigated several lawsuits alleging discrimination. A true lawyer can tell his or her client if they are charged with a crime not to answer questions from law enforcement. Yet, here we have this organization now advising Muslims not to talk to the FBI when they are investigating suspected terrorist activity. What has now become indisputable is that there are some Muslims in this country who are planning to do us harm. The attacks and attempted attacks are well-documented.

Does that mean that all or even most Muslims are in that category? No, of course not, and I have written many times on the need not to blame them for the acts of others. However, the FBI and other agencies have a legitimate need to contact people in the community who may have information or suspicions about others. This is not for the purpose of harassing or intimidating American Muslims; it is in the effort to save lives. There is no reason why American Muslims should not cooperate. There have been instances when individual Muslims provided specific information which saved lives. For CAIR to oppose that and advise Muslims not to talk to law enforcement is irresponsible and can only add to more suspicion being directed toward the Muslim community. That does not serve the Muslim community in general.

If you go to the website of virtually any CAIR chapter, you will see article after article alleging discrimination upon Muslims. You would think there was some sort of non-stop pogrom going on in the US. That is a gross distortion if not an outright lie.

Update: CAIR has announced that it is taking down the controversial poster. Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper stated that the poster could be "misinterpreted."


Squid said...

I just heard that the CAIR organization pulled "The Wall" poster from their webpage. Apparently, this lack of cooperation with law enforcement was too much for their public relations staff.


Gary Fouse said...


Well, it's right here on fousesquawk.

Miggie said...

"In July 2006 the Lebanon-based terrorist organization Hezbollah conducted a surprise raid on a border post in northern Israel, taking two IDF soldiers captive and wounding eleven others; this action prompted Israel to retaliate militarily. "

As one UCI MSU member explained to me, this was really just Hezbollah's trying to retaliate for the IDF's attempt to kidnap two Hezbollah soldiers the night BEFORE.

Everything has a rational explanation. After talking to these students, it is clear they live in an alternate universe with its own history and fact set.
It is like Oz.

No wonder they hate so much. They are filled with so many lies ... out right lies ... that they deny reality. In their conceit they feel justified and proud of their outrages because of their RELIGION.


Gary Fouse said...


On Jan 31, 2009, I attended the Whither the Levant Conference at UCI, a one-sided exercise in Israel -bashing at UCI. The main topic of discussion was the war you mentioned. I brought up the fact that those two Israel soldiers' bodies, when returned bore marks of severe torture. The audience hooted me and the speaker assurred me that Hezbollah never engages in torture. Amazing.