Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess Who's Meeting Today at the White House

Hat tip to ACT for America

The below article is by Christine Brim of Bigpeace dated August 28th. (Liberal viewer warning- Bigpeace is one of Andrew Breitbart's blogs.)It looks like a lot of questionable folks are meeting with our government leaders today at the White House. Objective? Cash in on stimulus grants.

For those of you not up to date on the Muslim Brotherhood. They are a movement based in Egypt that, while proclaiming themselves to be moderate, are the parent organization for all the other radical groups that have sprouted up-including al-Qaida. They are also connected to CAIR, ISNA, the Muslim Student Association(s) and any other organization you can name that has come under suspicion in the US. They were founded by a radical Islamist and their chief ideological spokesperson is radical imam Yusuf al Qaradawi, who lives in Qatar.

If any of the individuals or groups meeting in the White House today have any connection to the Brotherhood, they have no business being in the White House, and they have no business cashing in on government (tax-payer) money.

Why can't the White House reach out to true Muslim moderates like Steven Schwartz and Zuhdi Jasser?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

If Andrew Breitbart said it was raining, I'd step outside to look. His sites are all mutual admiration societies, and I speak from the experience of having participated in conversations there for two or three months.

That said, just because he said it, doesn't mean its false. If I find the time, I might go to to see if there is any money actually being allocated, and if so, to who. If you expect me to get upset, I want to see less questions about "who is going to be there," and more credible reports on who WAS there, and what grants they are getting, if any, in what amounts, for what ostensible purpose.

Generally, I think its good for Muslims to feel included as Americans. I think a lot of this type of article is being written by people who would feel more comfortable if American Muslims were marginalized -- although that isn't your goal.

At best, this is stupidity and oversight, not deliberate as the author claims. If it were deliberate subterfuge, it would be happening in President Obama's second term, not when it would provide ammunition for 2012. Obama is nothing if not a hard-headed practical politician.

This woman has read that arcane novel "The Red President" too many times, and if she can't have her paranoia in Red, she wants it in Green.

Gary Fouse said...


I mentioned a couple of Muslims the White House could reach out to and support. They have no connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So, you have your favorite Muslims. I suspect the ones the White House really needs to reach out to have no agenda at all, not the "we want to condemn 9/11 one more time just to make sure you heard us" agenda, nor the "Hamas are our brother Muslims so don't ask us to criticize them" agenda. Most mosques in America were established before Hamas existed, and the best established mosques were here before Israel existed.