Monday, August 30, 2010

Bill Press: Don't Talk About God on Sacred Spot"

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I have always regarded Bill Press as another obnoxious liberal. This weekend, with Howard Kurtz on CNN's "Reliable Sources", he reinforced that perception with his criticism of Glenn Beck's "Restore the Honor" event at the "sacred" Lincoln Memorial.

What is this guy talking about? If the Lincoln Memorial is "sacred ground", why? Because of Lincoln? Or is it because of the "I have a dream speech"? If so, perhaps we should build a wall around it to keep the riff-raff like Beck and his followers away. Hell, when I was living in the DC area, my wife and I once attended a Thai cultural show at the foot of the monument. We sat on the sacred steps. Was that a sacrilege too?

Well not if it had been Press speaking before a "million liberals" gathering. (Actually, he was there too. Was that a sacrilege?)

So, Mr Press; since you were there, what did you see and hear that was sacrilegious or objectionable? What was so political about it if nothing was even mentioned about Obama or the Democrats-as you concede? And just what is wrong with the religious aspect of it? Lincoln was a believing Christian, and guess what- Martin Luther King was a Christian pastor in case you have forgotten. Yet that does not mean that people of other faiths are not welcome to visit the monument.

It is truly amazing to watch the left twist themselves into knots trying to find fault with the Saturday event-yet praise or ignore the negative tone of Al Sharpton's "we vs. them" speech the same day.

If you don't like Beck, that's fine. I know he's not every body's cup of tea. The fact is, however, that there was nothing objectionable in that event Saturday. It was no more objectionable than if it had been a Boy Scout Jamboree.

Or is that a bad example, Mr. Press?


Lance Christian Johnson said...

While I don't like all the religious talk, Beck had every right to use it, so I don't care one way or another.


Lincoln was a believing Christian

Then why did he say, "The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession."

His faith was complex, from the bit that I've read. He doesn't seem to be an atheist, but calling him a Christian doesn't quite hit the mark either.

As for MLK, well...yeah. No question about his Christianity.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That is something we can agree on.

Bill Press is an obnoxious liberal. I wouldn't mind him shooting himself in the foot, if only he wouldn't do it on live TV, on behalf of the White House.

Here's the words Justice William J. Brennan used to described the words of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, inscribed on the walls of the memorial:

"profound religious content"

Gary Fouse said...

I still remember seeing Bill Press in the 2003 NL playoffs games 6 and 7 sitting in a front row seat at Wrigley Field (instead of me) wearing a Florida Marlins jacket as the Cubs blew another one.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I haven't actually been at Wrigley Field since 1968. But I've taken the El past it more recently.