Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rangel's Deal

"Depends what the settlement is."

As initial reports come in that Charlie Rangel has "struck a deal" to head off hearings on his ethics charges, once again, I am reminded of Raqngel's insistence that he could not wait to clear his name, eerily similar to Rod Blagoyovich's telling us he could not wait to testify in his criminal trial.

So now we wait to see how "the most ethical Congress in history" will "drain this swamp." Meanwhile the "Conscience of the Congress", the Black Congressional Congress, is warning other lawmakers who have large black constituencies that they should stop and think before they vote to remove such an important (black) member of Congress. Notwithstanding that veiled threat, unless Rangel is completely cleared, seems to me the only right solution is for him to leave Congress. Watch as he keeps his seat.

Rangel, of course, is in a (electoral) race to keep his Harlem seat. His opponent? Why none other than Adam Clayton Powell (the Fourth).

"Adam Clayton Powell the Fourth???"

But unless Rangel leaves public office, this is just another example of how the politicians protect their own-and can do so easily when their party is in the majority.

And what does the "swamp drainer" Nancy Pelosi have to say?

"This ethics process will play out and we'll go from there."

And we will be watching very carefully where it goes from here.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Congressional ethics standards are important, but if The People are really worried, there is an ultimate recourse against corrupt politicians. It is called an election. Rangel's opponent is also a candidate for the Black Caucus. It is about time that black Americans become ready to take action over ethics charges against other black Americans, especially at this high a level.

Rangel, one remembers, challenged an ethically deteriorated incumbent named... Adam Clayton Powell. One hopes that the current challenger exemplifies his ancestor and namesake's better qualities, which were many, and will i fact be a "clean" alternative to the man he challenges.

Perhaps all this simply amounts to, nobody should listen to the kind of hubris which keeps many politicians in office far too long. Some are good for ten or twenty years, but everyone should know when its time to go.

Rangel should at least retire at this time, whateve else happens.