Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Great Recession in Chicago

Maybe Joe Biden's comment about the Great Recession was in reference to the Cubs, who lost yet another game yesterday to the cross-town White Sox. That's two-in-a-row following Friday's oil spill when Big Z...

That's "Cub ace" Carlos Zambrano, who got bombed and had a meltdown in the dugout almost getting in a fight with teammate Derrek Lee. Zambrano, the guy who is supposed to win 20 games and the Cy Young award every year, has now been suspended by the hapless Waveland Street champs. This is also the guy who is in the middle of a 5-year contract with a no-trade clause.

"Ain't my f------' fault! Hendry's the f-----' guy!"

It seems Big Z was upset that his teammates weren't diving for balls that went for hits. I guess he is also upset at the fans in the bleachers for not diving after those homers he gives up too.

The big question now is how long Zambrano will be suspended. Hopefully, the Cubs can repeat their feat of suckering the Seattle Mariners to take fellow head case Milton Bradley off their hands.

"Hey buddy. Wanna Rolex?"

Meanwhile, the "Great Recession" continues. One hundred and two years and counting....

"That's a big f-----' deal."

Ah, but there is always next year, right boys?



Siarlys Jenkins said...

Losing to the White Sox? That's too much. One thing I really don't like about Barack Obama is that he is reputed to be a White Sox fan. However, a campaign volunteer informed me that Michelle is a Cubs fan, which we can all appreciate. I wonder who the little girls in the family root for?

Gary Fouse said...

If they're smart, they won't grow up to be Cub fans. I can just envision when they're in their 60s wondering if they will have the pleasure of seeing the Cubs in the world series before they die.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, that may be the nicest thing you've ever said about the Obamas. I knew you were human under all those photo displays.