Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HHS Buried Medicare Estimate on Health Care Bill Costs

HHS Secretary Kathy Sibelius

"Please raise your right hand."

This morning on C-Span I watched a Republican congresswoman (I believe it was Candice Miller, R-MI) speaking about the breaking scandal that HHS Secretary Kathy Sibelius and her staff worked to bury a report by the Medicare Office of the Actuary that raised the estimate of the costs of the health care bill and costs to consumers until weeks after the vote was conducted. The below article is from the American Spectator.

And from Fox News:

Here's the actual report:

Remember this? Honesty? Openness?

If true, it appears that HHS Secretary Sibelius and others in her department as well as the White House need to be put under oath by Congress, which I am sure will want to get to the bottom of this mess.

Right, Congress?.

1 comment:

PatriotUSA said...

Don't expect this to happen
soon, putting them under oath.
Like it will happen at all.
This is what the Obama trolls
mean by 'transperancy, honesty,
and openness' for the all the
American people. I heard about
this yesterday on Rush.