Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Arizona Bill-Critics and Supporters

I take note from reading my daily fishwrap (newspaper) that His Eminence, Los Angeles Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahoney has this to say about the Arizona illegal immigration bill:

"I can't imagine Arizonans now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques."

I will refrain from pointing out that for decades, Cardinal Mahoney made a science out of protecting pedophile priests in his region and stonewalling efforts of law enforcement to investigate said crimes. Thank God this bum is finally retiring.

What I would point out to His Eminence is that Arizonans have simply reverted to what every other sovereign nation in the world does-control who comes across its borders-since the federal government refuses to do so.

So much for Cardinal Mahoney.

George Will points out in today's column that the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund has accused Governor Jan Brewer as having "caved to the radical fringe". Since when are people who demand that the government enforce the law fit into the category of the "radical fringe"?

Meanwhile Mexican President Jose Calderon, has issued a travel advisor for Mexican citizens traveling to Arizona!!! (Especially when they get to places like Nogales, Sonora and other border areas on the south side of the border where there is a war going on).

Then there is Nancy Pelosi, who calls the measure, "misguided and irresponsible". When it comes to misguided and irresponsible, Ms Pelosi knows of what she speaks.

Speaking of San Francisco, playboy Mayor Gavin Newsom, who runs that sanctuary city, is now banning city employees from going to Arizona on city business-as if San Francisco has any city business to conduct with Arizona or vice-versa.

Speaking of feckless mayors, Phoenix's mayor, Phil Gordon, is opposed to the law. He would prefer for his city to remain a sanctuary city and the kidnap capital of the US.

We all know what Obama has to say about it. He's having his crack (head) Justice Department take a look at the "legality" of it all, while pronouncing it ahead of time as being "unfair."

Meanwhile, even though some 70% of Arizonans approve of the measure including a majority of its Hispanic citizens, a noisy minority has turned out to the state capitol (in Phoenix, the aforementioned kidnap capital of the country) to protest the measure by throwing water bottles at police-something those much-maligned tea-partiers have never done-yet they (the tea-partiers) are called all kinds of names and described as "dangerous". Since when is believing in the rule of law make one "dangerous"? Kinda turns things upside-down, wouldn't you say?

And not to be forgotten, Al Sharpton, who the hapless Larry King is now calling "Sheriff Al" and Jesse Jackson are planning to hold marches in Arizona-hopefully in the vast desert in which the illegal aliens trek.

The most ironic critic of all has to be DHS chief Janet Napolitano, who was governor of Arizona as it was becoming the number one point of crossing for illegal aliens. She is none too pleased that Arizonans, now free of her mis-management, have tried to put a stop to the chaos.

Which leads me to my final question; whatever happened to that border fence?


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Which leads me to my final question; whatever happened to that border fence?

They realized that they could only afford to make it if they got illegals to build it.

Gary Fouse said...

Which tells you how bad the situation is.

Anonymous said...

"SMALL GOVERNMENT!... unless it's harassing and arresting brown people of course."

Gary Fouse said...


Instead of such a preposterous statement like that, why don't you come up with a reasonable argument-like what is Arizona suppoed to do?