Friday, April 30, 2010

Al Awda Conference in Orange County

Beginning tonight, the pro-Palestinian organization, Al-Awda, is hosting a three-day conference in Garden Grove, California dedicated to bashing Israel. Here is a link to their announcement:

As you can see from the below link from Discover the Networks, this bunch is dedicated to the proposition that some 7 million Palestinians (and their descendants)who left Israel in 1948 to get out of the way of the Arab armies (who were roundly defeated) should be allowed unfettered return to Israel (most of the ones who left are dead, but the 7 million number consists of their descendants.)

Here are some of the "featured speakers":

Norman Finklestein- a discredited joke of a former professor (canned by DePaul University), who hates Israel and now makes his living speaking in front of audiences who also hate Israel.

Laila al-Arian- the daughter of "political prisoner" as the flyer says, Sami al-Arian, ex-University of South Florida professor, convicted of funneling support to a terrorist organization in the Middle East. She works for al-Jazeera in Washington.

Jess Ghannam- San Francisco State University professor recently quoted as praising the 11 Muslim Student Union disruptors of the Israeli ambassador's speech at UC Irvine and stating that now Israeli officials will be afraid to speak anywhere. Someone needs to explain the First Amendment to this clown. I wonder how he would feel this weekend if somebody disrupts his dopey remarks.

There will also be a short blurb by a representative of the Muslim Student Union at UC-Irvine. You know, the "Stand with the Irvine 11" stuff.

And others. So if you want to come out and hear a bunch of clowns rail against Israel, the United States and "Zionist Jews", drop by the Embassy Suites in Garden Grove this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You should definately go- its so important to monitor these extremist groups so we can counetr them. At Al Awda in La Mesa a few months back, we learned of their plan to force Divestment on the California Colleges

Next up for SJP at SDSU came Lina Othman, head of the group’s outreach department. Othman, wearing a hijab, explained how the UC Divestment program had developed a campus-wide network in California tailored for each campus community. For example, she explained, the climate at UC Berkeley might be different than the one at San Diego State when it came to divesting from the Jewish state.

Othman epitomized the use of deception by the divestment movement just as Al Awda uses in giving such conferences. Othman told us how SDSU had already three SJP members on the Student Council and they were gunning for ten including the Student Body Presidency. Once they had control of the campus, she explained, they would then institute a campus-wide policy. It was bemoaned during this session that an earlier resolution by her campus against the genocide in Darfur had made a point of saying that it did not include Israel. To get around this, Othman explained that future boycott and divestment actions at SDSU would single out “human rights violations” as the cause of pointing out certain companies and individuals to boycott. It was to be specifically about boycotting and divesting from Israel—the Jews—but they wouldn’t say that so as to deceive people.

Gary Fouse said...

Thanks Anonymous. I would go in a New York minute, challenge their speakers and report, but I would be quickly recognized and not even allowed entry. You have to pay to get in and register.

Anonymous said...

Too late now: (in the future it might be worth it for the entertainment value. Better fiction than Avatar, even....)

Member Pricing:
Friday Night April 30, 2010: FREE
Saturday Lectures/Workshops: FREE
Saturday Lunch with Keynote: $45 standard, $35 student
Saturday Banquet Dinner: $60 standard, $45 student
Sunday (members only meetings): FREE
FULL PACKAGE: $100 standard, $80 student

Non-Member Pricing:
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Saturday Lectures/Workshops: FREE
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