Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama Explains Why the Health Care Bill Will Save Us Money

A couple of weeks ago, while driving home from work, I was listening to a news clip of someone asking President Obama how the health care bill is going to reduce the deficit and save us money. His answer nearly made me drive off the road.

First, the President conceded that the program was going to cost money. He then went on to explain where the savings would come in.

1 Money would come out of Medicare. (500 billion, to be exact).

2 The richest among us would be asked "to pay their fair share".

3 The government would save money by identifying and using more cost-effective measures.

That's where I almost ran off the road.

As I have said many times, I worked for the government for 25 years. One thing I learned is that the government does not save money. The government doesn't use 'cost-effective" measures. What the government does is confiscate money and spend money. I am sure that they teach that in Economics 101 in college.

Don't they?

As for those richest among us, who will be asked to "pay their fair share" (where have we heard that before?) last time I looked, they are! What is it the top 10% of Americans pay over 50% of tax revenue to the government?

The fact is that the government could immediately seize the total assets of every millionaire in the country and it wouldn't be enough to pay for this monster. That means that the government will then come after us middle-class folks. Businesses, big and small, are going to be taxed and regulated to the point, they can't afford to hire new workers or keep the ones they have.

It's all going to come crashing down on us. The outrageous thing is that they (Obama and his minions) know that. Then they can build it all back up the way they want it.

"Happy days are here again,......."

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