Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Free Speech for Karl Rove

Last night in Beverly Hills, the loons from Code Pink decided that Karl Rove did not enjoy the right of free speech as he appeared at a book signing.

This is similar to the February 8th event at UC-Irvine, when the little rascals of the Muslim Student Union disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US. Unfortuntately, no arrests were made last night, which would have allowed Rove to finish his speech and sign books for the 100 audience members who had come for those purposes.

Silly people. Don't they understand that free speech does not exist for conservatives-only for the left?

The Code Pink idiots don't even get their facts right. Jodie Evans, the loopy co-founder, accused Rove of "outing" a CIA operative (Valerie Plame). Not true, Jody. That would be ex-State Department official Richard Armitage. And what was she going to arrest Rove for? He has been cleared of all charges that were leveled against him in a politically-inspired investigation.

But those are just silly facts.

Here's a real fact. Ever since Rove was instrumental in getting George W Bush elected-and re-elected, he has been a target of the left. They hate the man because he was so darned successful.

Once again, the far-left has demonstrated how loony they are. By the way. Remember all those town hall meetings when folks came and gave the what for to Democratic politicians who were trying to push the health care bill? Did any of them go up to the speaker and try to make a citizen's arrest? Were the speakers driven off the stage? Were there ever any arrests made? Was there ever any violence-other than when protesters were assaulted by union goons from the SEIU?

No. Yet the left wanted the National Guard called out. Double standard? You make the call.

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