Monday, March 29, 2010

Jews Attacked in Berlin

(Hat tip to the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

Another incident of Jews being attacked in Europe. More disturbingly, this incident happened in Germany, Berlin to be exact. The below English-language article is from JTA, an international Jewish news service.

The German version of the report is below.

In the German report, it is reported that in 2008, 197 cases of anti-Semitic incidents were reported. Numbers for 2009 were not available but believed to be similar. In the English report, the attacker was described as a young man of "Mediterranean appearance." (Probably Benito Mussolini's long-lost grandson.)

"We urgently need to grasp the causes and affects of anti-Semitism, especially among young Turks and Arabs, and to fight vigorously against this problem."

-Rabbi Levi Solomon

With all due respect Rabbi, I think we know that already. It's time to start locking bad guys up and after they finish their sentences, boot them out of the country. (Of course, I should talk living here in sanctuary California.)

The fact is, as mentioned in the German article, is that anti-Jewish attacks are mostly carried out by young Turkish or Arab immigrants in Berlin.

As much attention as I have paid to anti-Semitism-including in Europe- I have constantly maintained that today's Germany is a far cry from Nazi Germany, and is in fact, one of the more decent countries in Europe. Due to their history, most Germans are highly aware of their special responsibility to speak out in defense of human rights.

Yet, problems remain. In some cases, the culprits are German youth-neo Nazis or skin heads. In most cases, they are young Muslim males, who have imported their hatred into European countries. It is intolerable. Why is it allowed to continue?

Tolerance. You see, in the liberal world view, tolerance is reserved only for selected groups. And Jews are not one of the selected groups.

In the 20th century, Europe allowed almost its entire Jewish population to be decimated. Now in the 21st century, there are not too many Jews in Europe. Nevertheless, they are being persecuted, not so much by native Europeans as by immigrants. Will Europe allow their current Jewish population to be decimated as well?


Ingrid said...

Gary, how many other people are attacked in Germany on a daily basis? I think that this is one sided reporting on your part. Just yesterday two woman (I don't know their religion) were attacked in Minden. It is the general breakdown of morals, the indifference of people, and incompetency of law inforcement that needs to be addressed.

Gary Fouse said...


True enough, but this is going on in cities all over Europe. Read what I have written about Malmo. It's happening in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rotterdam, .... I could go on and on.