Monday, December 28, 2009

Meanwhile in Karachi...

Thirty reported killed during a suicide bombing aimed at a procession of Shi'ite Muslims in Karachi, Pakistan

Above is the latest bombing carried out in Pakistan during the past 24 hours, which I think raises an interesting question. We hear a lot these days about how America is "targeting Muslims", "waging war against Islam" and how Americans and Westerners are engaging in Islamophobia. Yet, in places like Pakistan and Iraq, Muslims are waging war against each other. Sunnis kill Shi'ites, and Shi'ites kill Sunnis. The Taliban in Pakistan is killing people right and left. When Islamic fighters take shelter in mosques, the world rises in outrage when any damage occurs to said mosques at the hands of non-Muslim soldiers. Yet, Muslims are blowing up each others' mosques in the above two countries.

As I understand it, Sunnis and Shi'ites have a centuries-long disagreement about who should have been the rightful successor to the Prophet Mohammed upon his death in the 7th century. What better reason to be killing each other 1400 years later?

How many times have you heard that Muslims are not supposed to kill other Muslims? Of course, that might lead one to ask; "Who are they supposed to kill?" Of course, the answer to that is that killing of "innocents" is forbidden.

Next question: Who is "innocent" and who is "guilty"? It all becomes very complicated, doesn't it?

But that is not the main point I want to make. It seems to me that organizations like CAIR have their priorities all wrong; instead of looking for the next "Islamophobe" under every bed and looking for that next lawsuit to file, shouldn't they be more involved in putting an end to Muslim against Muslim killing? Fortunately, the great Sunni/Shi'ite war is not raging in America, but who is to say that won't come here as well? Is CAIR involved in making sure that American Shi'ites and Sunnis are co-existing peacefully and that any disagreements don't "get out of hand"? The same applies to Muslims who have "political disagreements". (That is not a rhetorical question. I don't know the answer.)

CAIR, of course, claims to be strictly an American organization with no foreign links, a claim many would call into question. Yet, it seems to me that given events in Pakistan and Iraq, there is a major crisis (one of many) going on within Islam that is not even connected to non-Muslims.

And it is anything but peaceful.

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