Monday, October 12, 2009

A Skunk Spoils Al Gore's Garden Party

(Video by the MacIver Institute for Public Policy)

Ever wonder what would happen if you went to an Al Gore speech and hit him with a critical question? The below video was taken last week in Madison, Wisconsin (nice liberal little town) when Al Gore came to speak at the annual convention of the Society of Environmental Journalists.


The Society of Environmental Journalists.

"Sounds like a bunch of pinkos to me."

Calm down, Sam. Here is the video.

The first thing that happened is that every flower in the room died.

"But Mr Gore, the number of polar bears has increased."

As for the gentleman who asked the question, an Irish journalist/film maker named Phelim McAleer, he had his mike cut off and a man took his arm and tried to lead him away. You see, Al Gore is not used to people challenging his wisdom when it comes to Global Warming. He is used to easy softball questions, such as the one preceeding Mr McAleer's. After all, one does not ask hard questions of Great Men like Al Gore now, does one?

Here is the SEJ flyer photo for Gore's appearance. Shall we title it, "Daring Young Man Against the Elements"?

"Who'd you say them fellers were?"

The Society of Environmental Journalists.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Like I've said before, this issue is bigger than Al Gore. I really wish that he'd stay out of it, as he's become nothing more than a distraction from the real conversation that needs to be taking place.

Findalis said...

He never did answer the question.

Gary Fouse said...

Answer the question??? Answer the question?? This is Al Gore!!

Gary Fouse said...


Al Gore is a windbag who has made a fortune off his GW scam.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

You're not getting it, Gary. It's not "his". He's just a cheerleader for it.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, a cheerleader- the richest cheerleader in the world.

I am getting it, alright.