Thursday, September 17, 2009

Washington DC Tea Party Photos-"Tens of Thousands"?

Here are some photos sent to me by a friend who attended the Washington DC Tea Party. The photos were actually taken by another individual who claims that instead of the "tens of thousands" described by the press, there must have been a couple of million there-with another million or so unable to get into the city due to jammed traffic. Of course, that is the testimony of one person-take it for what it's worth. Keep in mind, tens of thousands represents a sold-out baseball or football game. The photos you see below were taken in different parts of Washington.

University of Michigan Stadium-capacity 106,000

Isn't it more likely that the DC crowd was in the hundreds of thousands-or more? And if so, why did the media downplay the numbers?

Here's one I added off the Internet taken from the intersection of 14th and E St.

Tens of thousands?


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Even if it was in the hundreds of thousands, that's still very far off from what pundidiots like Rush Limbaugh are saying. What was it - some 2 million?

A better question is as follows:

"Why are the conservative pundits overplaying the numbers?"

And it was a fire department official who placed it between 60 and 75 thousand. To be fair though, he said that was in "no way" official.

Gary Fouse said...

Looks to me as if it may have been 2 million.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Based on what? Seriously - how do you figure that? Does it just "feel" right or something?