Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arnold Calls Kalifornia State Assembly Gutless

Our Governor

Kalifornia Governor Katzenjammer today said that the state assembly was gutless because they still have not passed the prisoner release measure that he supports. Under this measure, the state's prison population would be cut by 37,000 inmates between now and January, either through release or other sleight of hand tricks that would keep felons out of prison. The measure is stalled in the assembly because 16 Democrats are running for state-wide office in the near future and are afraid of the voter backlash. Here is what Katzenjammer said today:

“Dey don’t haf da guts to go in der und to make the prison reform dat dey haf been talking about for two decades, vich ve need to reduce the amount of inmates in der,” Schwarzenegger stated in a webcast interview with the founders of Twitter. (How appropriate).

“Da Assembly legislators, for dem it vas easier to go und make the $10-billion cut in educatsion, but it ist impossibel fur dem to make the $1-billion cut” for prisons."

Katzenjammer insisted that he was not going to put criminals on the streets -- "No vun should be on der streets,” he said. He then went on to throw out this whopper-that the plan would enhance public safety by reducing parole supervision on low-level offenders and increasing it on high-level ones.

According to Katzenjammer, the legislators “are more vorried about deir safe seats, radder dan deir safe streets.”

So let me make sure I got this right. This plan to release 37,000 felons will make our streets safer!!!?? And if he is not going to put these bad guys on the streets, where are they going to be-on the sidewalks?

Here are a couple of "safe streets" in LA. Important to note that no one is on the street. They are on the sidewalk (=safe street, right?)

Next thing you know, this bill will be called "The Safe Streets Act".


Ingrid said...

Gary, where are any safe streets?
I wrote to you about that 31 year old man who deliberatly with his car hit a thirteen year old girl on a bycicle, he put her in his car and drove her to a place where he raped her. She had a broken jaw and concussion. Luckily, she has no memory of what happened. He is a big guy, 200 pounds, she is a whisp of a girl.
Anyway, the trial is over, he got 10 years and 9 month, eligible for parole in seven years. The judge said: "There are worse crimes". This happened in a rural area. Such is the German law.
Now the German taxpayer can support him and his wife and five kids.
Tell me, where is this world going?

Gary Fouse said...


The problem you have in Europe is lax laws even for murder. At least we have the death penalty, which unfortunately take over 20 years to carry out because of legal delays. I hate to think where this world is going.