Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Hot Scoop For the Mainstream Media

Following in the wake of the John Edwards story (which the media ran away from), here's another hot story which the mainstream media seems to have missed.

Question: On May 22(last week), which major world capital was rocked by riots in which hundreds of uh...rioters (that's the word) set cars over, attacked banks, broke windows, threw rocks and other missiles at the parliament building as well as police, and set fires. Approximately 46 people were arrested and 14 injured. Aside from the media of the country involved, this event seems to have escaped the notice of the CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, ABC and other major international news organizations.

Why is anybody's guess.

So it is up to the mainstream news media's faithful guide and tipster(me)to provide clues as to where this event happened. Here is clue number one:

I know. You were guessing Pakistan, weren't you? Wrong.

More clues to follow.


Findalis said...

Athens? They rioted over someone writing in the Koran or some other idiotic thing

Gary Fouse said...


Shhhh. You'll give it away to the msm.

Linnea Hannigan said...

Pick me! Pick me! I know!

Athens.... you must understand that the Muslims did this on said date because just blocks away, there was another street "demonstration" (for lack of a better term) or march celebrating the anniversary of the Greek's freedom from Muslim occupation under the 400 years of brutal Turkish tyrrany. Few remember that even as recently as 1922, Smyrni, now Izmir, was burned to the ground by the Muslims, forcing the Greeks into the ocean. The Muslims in Athens knew exactly what they were doing, and it had nothing to do with some silly story of a Koran being torn.

Findalis said...

Too late. They don't care. Now if it was led by Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, it would be on every channel with hourly updates.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Fox News. A search on their site turns up nothing. Guess they're also a part of the left-wing "mainstream media" conspiracy!

Gary Fouse said...

Amazing how my readers know more than the MSM. And Bryan, even if my dearly beloved Fox also avoided the story. what conclusions do you draw for the media ignoring the story. One literally has to go to the blogosphere to find it. You wonder why the news media in America is dying?

Now...shhhh. It's time for another clue to the msm.

Linnea Hannigan said...

Correction pls to my post - the anti-demonstration was not to celebrate the freedom from the Turks, but rather a commemoration of the Fall of Constantinople.

Anonymous said...

The anti-demonstration was being held by neo-Nazis. Damn right there should be people in the streets to counter those fascists.