Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LA Mayor Writes Letter on Behalf of Accused Killer

Esteban Nunez (left)

In my posting of December 4, 2008, I described the recent arrest of Esteban Nunez, son of former California State Assembly Speaker, Fabian Nunez, on charges of being involved in a San Diego murder (see post). It should come as no surprise that young Nunez is getting support from high places-support that your average accused murderer would never get. Consider this:

The judge hearing Nunez's case has received a letter (with an official LA City letterhead) on Nunez's behalf from none other than LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa himself asking the judge to lower the 2 million dollar bail. Other letters were received from trade union chief, Maria Elena Durazo, Assembly Republican leader Michael Villines and Democrat Assemblyman Kevin DeLeon. In asking for a bail reduction, the above officials attested to young Nunez's "good character" (better than Fabian's?)

Villines, who is from Clovis, apparently doesn't even know Esteban Nuñez all that well but wrote that "I have no doubt that Mr. Nunez, being one of the top lawmakers in California, will be very responsible in making sure that his son attends all scheduled court dates."

But as usual, Villaraigosa outdid himself in showing why he is a joke as mayor of the nation's 2nd largest city (even if he was Hillary Clinton's national co-campaign chair and noted financial advisor to Barack Obama's transition team). Writing on city letterhead, Hizonner said that he had known the accused "for over ten years." He continued: "In my heart, I know Esteban Nuñez as a young man of good and upright character."

Yes, the judge lowered the bail by half and Esteban is now back home, safe in the arms of his dad.

The John and Ken Radio Show (KFI Los Angeles) website recently posted a grand celebration photo of the re-marriage of Esteban's parents. There, in the same photo as the Mayor of LA, was Esteban Nunez-son of the Speaker of the Assembly, smiling and waving some gang signal. (Maybe Esteban belongs to the same gang young Tony Villar belonged to-before he became Antonio Villaraigosa.)

But that is not the point. That is just good satire. What is important is this: This is a clear-cut case of a double standard of justice. If his name were Esteban Lopez-or Smith, do you think he would get letters from California politicians asking that his bail be lowered?

I will end with a piece of advice for President-elect Obama. You have already reached out to Antonio Villaraigosa and put him on your transition team of economic advisors. If I were you, I would thank him for his outstanding service-and forget about him. If you drag this joker back to Washington with you and give him some post, an incident like this will come back to haunt you sooner rather than later.

Besides, Villaraigosa has absolutely no financial expertise. Unless you consider getting a $2 million bail cut in half as financial expertise.

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