Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night Two at the Demmies-Hillary Speaks

"Yeah, OK. I'm supporting Obama."

Last night, I actually caught a few lines of Barbara Boxer speaking at the convention droning on in the background while the announcers were talking about anything other than Barbara Boxer. Actually, John and Ken, our two irreverent radio talk shocks in LA were laughing about her new hair style.

But I digress (at the very outset). Last night's "main event" was the speech by Hillary Clinton in her orange pants suit. Actually, there is little to say. In a way, it was a typical Hillary speech. Her body language and facial expression cry out arrogance. But we already know that don't we? She said the obligatory things she had to say about supporting Obama. But it was all about her. Was she really comparing herself to Harriet Tubman?

As she spoke, there was her erstwhile husband, Bill, knowing the camera was on him and putting on that phony expression as if he was about to break out in tears of pride. Did anyone notice LA Mayor, Tony Villar (Antonio Villaraigosa) sitting behind the former president? The mayor, who has become a joke since taking over LA, didn't even get a 2 minute speaking gig at the convention. In consolation, somebody gave him a seat behind the former president during Hillary's speech.

Michelle Obama, for her part, tried her best to put on a warm smile of affection for Hillary, something we all know she doesn't feel in that mysterious heart of hers.

What was interesting about Hillary's speech was what she didn't say. When she mentioned Obama's name, it could have been any other opponent, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, or even Mike Gravel. She never offered what English composition teachers call "supporting details". Why are you supporting Obama, Hillary? Is it because he is ready to be president from day one? She never offered one example of why Obama should be president other than he is the Democratic nominee. Her words of support for Obama had all the passion of a form letter. It was like the New York Yankees wishing the Boston Red Sox good luck in the World Series.

As usual, this year's Democratic Convention is a convention of anger. A convention hall full of unhappy victims inside surrounded by thousands of unhappy victims demonstrating outside. Even Gloria Allred, the ubiquitous LA ambulance-chasing "victims" attorney is there (inside the hall) demonstrating on behalf of Hillary.

So it's on to tonight. Joe Biden will give one of his stirring speeches, but even more importantly, Bill Clinton will appear. Already unhappy at the time slot he was given, Clinton now says that his speech will last only 10 minutes.

What will he say?


Ingrid said...

I can't wait to hear Cindy McCain speak.

Gary Fouse said...

I can. By the way, what the heck is she doing in Georgia?