Monday, August 11, 2008

John Edwards-Will the MSM Go Back to Sleep Now?

Mainstream news media-After a hard day's work uncovering Edwards' infidelity, time for some well-earned sleep

Now that John Edwards has given his "semi-confession" to ABC News, the question begs to be asked: Is this just the beginning of a scandal that has wider implications beyond an extra-marital affair? Or will the MSM now take the position that Edwards has come clean, and it is now "time to move on"?

For the National Enquirer, this is not over. Edwards still denies paternity-even offering to take a test to determine if he is or is not the father of the child. Of course, he knows that the decision to allow the baby to be tested rests with Rielle Hunter-the same woman who is reportedly being paid $15,000 a month according to the Enquirer. She has now come out and stated that there will be no test, hardly a surprise.

But whether John Edwards fathered a love child with Rielle Hunter is not the main issue here. The real issue is the money that (according to the Enquirer) has been paid to Ms Hunter. That would involve money used to relocate her to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and subsequently to Santa Barbara, California. That would include the purported $15,000 a month. What about any funds paid to Andrew Young, the former Edwards aide, who claimed paternity and kept Hunter living nearby in the same gated community in Chapel Hill? Where has all that alleged money come from? We know that Fred Baron, former finance director of Edwards' presidential campaign, has admitted paying for Hunter's move to Santa Barbara to get her away from the prying eyes of reporters. According to Baron, the money was his own and paid without Edwards' knowledge. Have funds been disguised to hide their true source?

All of which may or may not be true, but it appears that someone has some very deep pockets. If the Enquirer allegation about the money is true (and Baron has corroborated part of it), there may be criminal violations. What criminal violations you ask?

If it comes out that campaign money/contributions were used to funnel to Ms Hunter, then there would surely be a violation of federal election law and/or McCain-Feingold. Let's say you sent money to Edwards' campaign. How would you feel if that money were used to provide support to Rielle Hunter and her child? Or to relocate her to North Carolina and later to California?

It is now a case of follow the money. Hopefully, the FBI and/or the Federal Election Commission will launch an investigation. Hopefully, they will interview the persons involved, subpoena bank records, bring folks into the grand jury, put them under oath and all that other good stuff.

Who knows? Maybe the MSM will assign their ace investigative reporters to get to the bottom of it. Or maybe, they will just roll over, go back to sleep, and let the Enquirer show them up again.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Edwards is a pretty rich guy. They don't call the Senate the "Millionaire's Club" for nothing. So it is completely possible that the money is coming out of his own pocket.

Just because the major media outlets don't report gossip like the bastion of investigative journalism that is the National Enquirer, it doesn't mean they don't have people poking around. It takes time for things to leak and be uncovered. So patience.

As for the illegitimate child aspect of the thing, well, it would be a terrible thing for him to do to his family, but he wouldn't be the first (or last) politician to have done such a thing. Strom Thurmond comes to mind. Not that it makes it okay, but is it really all that newsworthy? Nope. I'd like reporting on real issues that actually matter. I don't really care about John Edwards' character. He isn't in an elected position of power any more. He's not going to be in any potential Obama administration. He probably won't run for President again. So okay, I guess I could withhold my vote from him, but I obviously won't get the chance to anyways. Besides, I don't agree with him politically.

Gary Fouse said...


Edwards is an extremely wealthy person, but $15,000 a month is a lot of money too, expecially when you have to account to your wife for it.

As for Edwards, were it not for this issue, he would still be a leading candidate for vp-or ag in an Obama Administration.

But the point of the article is that it is possible that campaign funds were diverted to take care of Hunter and cover up the story. Unless and until that is shown not to be the case, this story still merits further inquiry.