Saturday, June 7, 2008

In Our Own Back Yard- Jihad Blog in Charlotte, NC

Coming to America? - or already here?

Fox News is running a story today about a Jihadist, anti-American blog that supports Al Qaeda, praises Osama bin Laden, and calls for the killing of American soldiers. What is particularly outrageous is the fact that the blogger is not in the Middle East or Pakistan; he is right here in America.

Samir Khan is a 22-year-old, who lives with his family in an upscale Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood. He immigrated to this country with his family from Saudi Arabia when he was 7 and began the site when he was a student at Central Piedmont Community College. The blog is called Not only does Khan condemn our country, he rails against non-Muslims as well, according to the article. What arrogance!

I have linked the news story to the Fousesquawk site and will keep it up for the foreseeable future. This is just another example of a 5th column that we have allowed to come to this country, reap its benefits, spit in our face, and advocate the killing of our soldiers. If this creep is now a citizen, do we not have sedition laws that could be used here? Or is this another example of free speech accompanied by political correctness and a fear of offending Muslims-no matter how radical and anti-American they may be?

Are we now going the way of the UK and other European countries that are bowing and scraping to a radical presence in our midst-one that is devoted to our very destruction?

This story deserves the widest dissemination possible.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

I took a look at it and it reminds me of pretty much every other form of extremism. They might actually have a valid point here and there, but they quickly make a sharp turn into crazy town.

I'm not sure what should be done about this. I'm a big believer in free speech, and it's a slippery slope when we start talking about kicking people out of the country for what they say. At the same time, I find what they say to be repulsive, and I have to wonder why we'd want people in this country who obviously hate it so much. I don't really fear them too much though, because too many Americans like American culture just fine (with both the positive and negative aspects of it).

I guess the only way to combat this sort of thing is by educating people about the fallacy of their arguments - and the reality of the way a strict Islamic state is run.

Also, I think that this country suffers a bit too much from the whole, "every opinion is valid" notion. We need to start putting our foot down and pointing out that some things are just flat-out wrong - like the crap that these guys are saying.

Gary Fouse said...

This kind of stuff awakens the nationalism in me. I also believe in free speech, just as I believe in immigration, but not this. There used to be a principle called "undesireable alien", which we used to kick certain folks out of the country.

I don't think it accomplishes anything to debate with islamic extremists. They have no place in a free and democratic society.

Free speech be damned. This guy is the enemy.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I guess that I agree with you on an emotional level, but I worry that this might open all sorts of doors that we simply don't want opened.

I think that you have a point about how debating isn't necessarily going to work. I also worry that if we give them publicity it will only add fuel to their fire. It definitely should not be completely ignored, but hopefully they will just be a few nutcases that don't represent any significant movement in this country.

I'm still a bit conflicted as to actually how I feel...this needs more thought for me to figure out where I am.

Gary Fouse said...

You ought to read some of my postings on what is going on at uci

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oh, I have been.

The Reality Checker said...

I'm not at all sure what we can do about this - do we punish the writer? do we pass more stringent anti-hate laws? do we work on changing the attitudes of Muslims?or do we just ignore it - at our peril?

I am sure, though, that, if we Americans want to continue to enjoy the privilege of freedom of speech (and other of our constitutional rights), we all need first to acknowledge the danger that is growing, both worldwide and in our midst. Then we must, together, get our thinking caps on and come up with multi-faceted well-targeted strategies that will do the job of stopping the advance of a religion that is opposed to our way of life.

Gary Fouse said...

To Reality Checker,

Sorry for the belated response as I was out of the country.

You are correct that the solution is tricky. I don't call for people to be arrested for what they say, but if we have dangerous Muslim elements in our society, we need to identify them. If they are not citizens, we should have the right to kick them out of the country. For those that are citizens, we need to study the line that separates legitimite criticism of the govt and the country from out and out sedition. We are in a war and we should act like it.