Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary: "No Decision Tonight- Email Me With Your Advice"

"I won't be making any decisions tonight."

Hillary Clinton, refusing to take the word of the media that it's over, told a crowd of cheering supporters in New York that she will make no decisions tonight. Instead, she asked her followers to email her at HILLARYCLINTON.COM and tell her what to do. Now that's what I call presidential. Actually, there was one Obama mole in the crowd behind her. Over her right shoulder, there was a guy in a blue shirt who, when Hillary starting talking about the kind of candidate the people want, started silently mouthing the word "Obama" (three times). Of course, Hillary was oblivious to his presence, just as she is oblivious to reality.

So why, asked the pundits, is she not throwing in the towel? Is it because she is maneuvering for VP? I doubt it. I can't believe she really would accept the number 2 slot-and I can't believe that the Obamas (Barack and Michelle) want her-and Bill hovering over their shoulders.

I figure that Hillary is looking at it this way. No matter who among the superdelegates has come out for Obama, they still have to do it officially in a formal tally-at the convention, right? A lot of things can happen between now and then.

First of all, a load of bricks could fall on Obama's head while walking down the street (the Bobby Kennedy scenario that Hillary alluded to last week).

Second, Tony Rezko could be convicted of federal corruption charges this week in Chicago-and decide to cut a deal to lay out all he knows about you-know-who.

Jeremiah Wright could make another sermon.

Michael Pfleger could make another sermon.

More details could come out about other controversial preachers linked to Obama-like some guy named James Meeks in Chicago.

Bill Ayres and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, could hold a press conference espousing their contempt for America and pride in their past in the Weather Underground.

In addition, there are Internet rumors (I emphasize rumors)of tapes out there of Michelle Obama chit-chatting with Louis Farrakhan (about the Cubs, I'm sure).

If superdelegates can switch their votes from Hillary to Obama, they can switch them right back again between now and the convention in the event of another Obama bombshell.

Who knows, maybe even Maxine Waters could switch back to Hillary.

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