Friday, June 6, 2008

Do We Know What Today Is?

As I was watching the Cubs-Dodgers game on TV, the Dodgers venerable broadcaster, Vin Scully, came on between innings and asked if we knew what today was. I must confess that I didn't know. I was trying to guess that it was a baseball milestone. Then Scully reminded us that on this date, June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy.

Vin also described how, earlier in the day, he turned on the news and waited hours for someone to mention the anniversary of D-Day. He ended with a plea: "Please, don't let this happen again."

Well said, Vin.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Unfortunately, I think that it's going to continue to happen. Most people don't give a crap about history from what I can tell. Shoot, people even seem to pride themselves in not knowing any history. And when it comes down to specific dates, people are even less concerned. I'm the kind of person who is interested, but many dates escape me as well.

It was funny that you wrote about this though, because earlier that day I had asked a coworker if it was the sixth, and he responded, "Yeah - that's D-Day, isn't it?" I wasn't entirely sure myself. I knew that it was early June, but I'd be darned if I could remember the exact date.

To me though, this is not so depressing. What would really make us both cry is if we went around asking people what D-Day even was! Most of them probably don't even know that's when we drove Paraguay out of Ohio!

Gary Fouse said...

I am also guilty, and I have been to Normandy, which is a profound experience for any American.