Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our "Boob" Congress At Work

"Snarlin" Arlen Spector in action. On his left, fellow boob, Patrick Leahy

I read in the sports page today that Pennsylvania Senator, "Snarlin" Arlen Spector is calling for "an independent" investigation" of the New England Patriots' taping of opposing coaches' signals.

The ever-obnoxious Spector is furious at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling (or non-handling of the situation). According to "Snarlin" Arlen, Goodell has made "ridiculous assertions that wouldn't fly in kindergarten."

All of which may be true, but one wonders what the hell Congress is doing wasting the taxpayers' time and money getting involved in this matter. Already, we have seen Congress drag in baseball players to inquire whether they ever used steroids. Don't they have anything better to do with their time?

What's next Spector? Are you going to start investigating pitchers who may be throwing spitballs? How about card sharks on those ESPN Poker Championships? How about those weekend golfers who take too many mulligans?

What a collection of boobs we have in Washington-on both sides of the aisle.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

How about those weekend golfers who take too many mulligans?

Heh...classic. Sounds like a setup to a Daily Show or Saturday Night Live bit. Maybe they can pay you for your ideas.

It reminds me a bit of an old SNL sketch (back when Bill was running for his first term) where the Democratic candidates were addressing the fans of a Star Trek convention. They were pandering like crazy to sci-fi fans (with Clinton trying to justify statements about how he hadn't watched the show regularly). That's not much crazier from what's actually happening.

Gary Fouse said...

You will notice I singled out a Republican. Who says I'm not fair and balanced?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oh, not me. Heaven forbid!