Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jamiel's Law Update

In the on-going controversy over the murder of a Los Angeles teenager by an illegal alien-who had been released from jail the day before, LAPD Chief William Bratton was interviewed today by local news station KTLA. His responses and his overall attitude are a shocking disgrace.

When asked if Jamiel Shaw might be alive today if the suspect, Pedro Espinoza, had been turned over to federal authorities for deportation, the chief responded that Shaw might be alive today if he had arrived at the shooting location 10 seconds earlier-or the killer had arrived 10 seconds later. He also went on to explain that illegal alien gang members have to commit a crime before the LAPD will pick them up. That means that if one of his officers happens to see a person whom he knows is an illegal alien and a gang member, no action will be taken.

Chief Bratton also pointed out that the suspect, Espinoza, had been arrested in neighboring Culver City leading to his incarceration prior to the killing. The old "didn't happen on my watch excuse." (Espinosa was incarcerated in LA County Jail. The shooting occurred the day after Espinosa was released.)

That is what LA Special Rule 40 is all about folks. It is a part of the LAPD handbook. LA is a sanctuary city, and if people don't like it, they can, in the words of Chief Bratton, "leave the city".

Now here is what one LA City Council member, Ed Reyes, had to say yesterday as Mr and Mrs Shaw were addressing the City Council and pleading with them to at least adjust Rule 40 as it pertains to known illegal alien gang members.

According to Council member Reyes, revoking Rule 40 would;

cause division
hurt the economy
destroy the sense of community

That is Ed Reyes' answer to the grieving parents. To crack down on illegal alien gang members would cause division, hurt the economy and destroy their "sense of community".

Some community.

Apparently, the city's economy counts for more than the lives of innocent murder victims who are killed by people who should not even be in this country.

From Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Chief Bratton to the LA City Council, the leadership of Los Angeles has blood on its hands because of their support for illegal aliens. (Villaraigosa, incidentally, is national co-chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign.) Bratton, who was previously NYPD Chief, shows the abrasive New York manner to anyone who disagrees with him. He actually told a radio caller who complained about the sanctuary policy that if the caller didn't like it, he could leave.

Chief Bratton should leave and go back to New York.

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