Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's Attacking Obama?

"Barack, wait till those nasty Republicans find out that you............"

As I watch the Democratic Primary draw toward its conclusion, I notice that the Democratic Party is employing an interesting tactic. While the Clintons try to attack Barack Obama for this or that, there seems to be an effort to make the Republicans look like the bad guys. Have you heard this before? "Boy, if Obama gets the nomination, the Republican attack machine is going to smear him all day long over; his drug use, his (Muslim) religion, Louis Farrakhan, plagiarism, Tony Rezko, those pictures in African robes, etc." There is just one problem: Currently, Obama is not running (yet) against the Republicans. He is still locked in a fierce battle with Hillary Clinton, whose campaign is behind most of the anti-Obama disclosures.

Prior to the Iowa primary, an e-mail was going around the Internet claiming that Obama was a secret Muslim. The origin of the e-mail is still unknown, but two of Mrs Clinton's campaign workers disseminated it (for which they were fired).

Then one of Hillary's chief campaign managers made public statements speculating about Obama's past drug use-and possible drug dealing. (That also led to a resignation.)

Remember the statement that came out of the Clinton campaign that they had some secret, damaging information about Obama, but they would not disclose it in the interest of party unity?

Who dug up the "kindergarten essay", in which Obama disclosed his plans to run for president? Who tried to make hay with the plagiarism issue? Who hit Obama with the issue of his Chicago pastor and the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan? Sure, the Republicans are talking about it (which they should), but it was the MSNBC debate moderators, Tim Russert and Brian Williams, who brought it up and Hillary Clinton who threw in her two cents worth.

And who fed that photo of Obama in Somali garb to Matt Drudge? According to Drudge, it was someone in the Clinton campaign. (Hillary, of course, has no idea who that might be.)

The intent of the Democrats is becoming clear; if Obama gets the nomination, watch out for those "racist" Republicans who will smear him during the general election. This, of course, is perfectly consistent with the previous statements of DNC Chairman, Howard Dean, who has often characterized the Republicans as a white-only party. Just in the past few days, Dean has stated that "the Republicans look like the 1950s and talk like the 1850s."

Yet, look at virtually every black Republican figure and what they have to contend with from the Democrats and the left. Start with Condoleeza Rice, who many on the left have called an "Aunt Jemima". Then look at Michael Steele of Maryland, who, while running for the Senate, had Oreo cookies thrown at his feet-as Maryland Democrats responded with, "Well, if the shoe fits..." Ken Blackwell of Ohio has been regarded as a "traitor" (to his race) for his role in George W Bush's 2004 victory in that state. How about Janice Rogers Brown, nominated to the Washington Court of Appeals by Bush-only to be excoriated by Senate Democrats who tried to derail her nomination? Then there is the classic case- Justice Clarence Thomas, who was subjected to an ugly and humiliating confirmation process, led by white Democratic heavyweights like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Howard Metzenbaum.

There are legitimite questions about Senator Obama that should be explored and discussed during the campaign. Yes, Republicans are raising questions and issues about Obama. However, it is disingenuous to suggest that it is only Republicans and conservatives who have problems with his candidacy. Before the senator goes toe to toe with the Republican nominee, he still has to overcome the smears coming from the Clintons.

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