Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Critical Race Theory and the University of Nebraska

Hat tip The College Fix

Jim Pillen is a University of Nebraska regent and is also running for governor of that state. He is opposed to Critical Race Theory and is attempting to gain the support of the other regents in banning the compulsory teaching of CRT at the University of Nebraska, which includes campuses at Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney. Naturally, he is encountering resistance on the campuses.


From the University of Nebraska website, here is a statement in opposition to Pillen's efforts issued by the president of the UN system and its three chancellors.

Not surprisingly, various other university entities are also opposing the ban on compulsory teaching of CRT. They include the Association of Students Executive Team and the UN Student-Athletes, both of whom have published statements in the campus newspaper of the Lincoln campus, The Daily Nebraskan.

 It is pretty obvious that the articles in the Daily Nebraskan give disproportionate weight to the CRT advocates. What is important to note is that the resolution by Pillen would ban compulsory teaching of CRT.

There is nothing wrong in teaching the dark chapters of American history, such as slavery and Jim Crow. CRT goes much farther in that it teaches that certain groups (whites) are inherently racist and privileged, which is not only factually inaccurate but divisive as well. The pending California version teaches that Jews are nothing more than privileged whites and that Israel is oppressing Palestinians, not only a questionable position but one that is contributing to anti-Semitism on our campuses and society as a whole. One might also question why educators and activists in California feel that it is so necessary to include teaching about that particular conflict to begin with.

Even if one were to agree with the above positions, how do we justify compulsory teaching of positions that are opinions to begin with?

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