Saturday, July 24, 2021

Africa: A New Addition to Our Foreign News Outlets

 Regular readers of this site know that one large feature of Fousesquawk is translating articles and videos in English from foreign news outlets. This has principally revolved around issues of militant Islam and the out-of-control migration problem into Europe. Many of our translated works are from sources found under the heading, "Foreign News Outlets" and "Our Real European Friends". These stories have principally been from European sources in languages we are able to translate at Fousesquawk. Our intent is to provide original news sources for news stories from the countries involved in the native languages, which would not be readily accessible to monolingual English-language readers.

In recent months, we have posted translations from African sources regarding massacres carried out in countries dealing with Islamic terrorists. Since many of these countries have colonial languages as their official languages, there is a wealth of sources available in languages like French and Portuguese. Thus, we have posted translations of several original news reports from local newspapers. It should be noted that many of these news sources are state-operated vs independent-as is the case with many European news sources-thus, the reader must weigh that fact. I would also add that we are limited to the official ex-colonial languages since we don't have the capability to translate native African languages or Arabic.

At any rate, I have decided to add several African news outlets to the "Foreign News Outlets" section. This includes news sources in colonial languages. It also includes news sources from the North African nations of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in French. I have tried to choose major news sources, but I leave it to the reader to evaluate the accuracy and the bent of each source. One example is that I have gotten the impression that many of the nations impacted by Islamic terrorist massacres seem to downplay the news while foreign sources in Europe give the incidents wider coverage.

Africa has become a major battlefield in the struggle against Islamic terrorism, while the three North African countries above have a large diaspora in Europe, which has been featured in many of our news reports. Thus, I hope this will add a meaningful feature to this site.

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