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Italy: Lega Party Official Shoots and Kills Moroccan During Dispute

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On Tuesday, July 20, in the northern Italian town of Voghera, a local lawyer, city councilor and Lega Party member, Massimo Adriatici, was involved in a physical struggle with a 39-year-old Moroccan man who was reportedly harassing people in front of a bar. The fight resulted in the Moroccan being shot and killed by a single shot to the chest fired by Adriatici. It is Adriatici's claim that he fired accidentally as he was being pushed to the ground. Adriatici, an ex-policeman, has a legal permit to carry the gun and it had apparently, already been drawn.

Due to Adriatrici's position and Lega Party membership, the news is all over Italy, and political opponents are referring to the "Far West" (USA-Old West) and criticizing the center-right Lega Party, which is opposed to mass migration into Italy.

The below article from Corriere della Sera is translated by Fousesquawk.|

Homicide in Voghera: Councilor shoots and kills a 39-year-old Moroccan

The version of Adriatici and the silence of the witnesses

Ansa/ Corriere TV

Tuesday, 20 July at 22:30 at Voghera, Youns El Bossettaoui, 39-year-old Moroccan, was killed by a pistol shot. The bullet was fired by Lega Party lawyer Massimo Adriatici, counselor for security of the Pavese municipality. According to Adriatici's version, now under house arrest, the shot was fired accidentally as a result of a push received from the Moroccan, which reportedly caused him to fall to the ground. The bullet struck Youns flush in the chest, who died in the hospital. A fight broke out between the two after a request by the counselor to El Bossettaoui not to bother the people present. From there, a struggle began, which resulted in tragedy. The 39-year-old was a known figure in Voghera for his quarrelsome and intimidating behavior. The man, with a police record, has been several times subject to deportation orders, never executed. The owners of the bar on the square, where the homicide occurred, have stated they saw nothing. The recordings of the security cameras are pending, requested by the counselor himself a few months ago.

In response, the head of the Lega Party, Matteo Salvini, has made a video lamenting the death of the victim, but insisting that everyone should allow the investigation to play out, and that if Adriatici's version is accurate, self-defense is a legitimate issue. The video is translated by Fousesquawk.

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