Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Juan Cole's Koran

 Hat tip Jihad Watch

This week, while perusing University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole's absurdly-named blog, Informed Comment, I came upon yet another laffer in which Cole outlines "7 ways Al Qaeda's terrorism violated the precepts of the Holy Qu'ran". This is the same professor who wrote a book entitled, "Mohammad: Prophet of Peace amid the clash of empires".

My first impulse was to do my own post pointing out the obvious errors, omissions, and falsehoods, including assigning the wrong verse number to one of his Koranic citations. But then I thought of someone much more qualified to take on this task than I. That would be Robert Spencer, the creator of Jihad Watch. Spencer is not just a critic of Islam. He is a scholar on the subject, reads Arabic, and knows the Koran in depth. So I sent him an email with the link, and he graciously replied and accepted the task. The result appears today in Jihad Watch.

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