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UC Irvine: Gender Fluid Queers and Bad Grammar

Hat tip Anonymous,

Below is the text from an anonymous reader comment received today regarding an event that took place 
today at UC Irvine.

Anonymous said...
Professor Fouse:
Wasn't quite sure where to insert this, but here goes. Have a look at this event (today!) at UC Irvine:

I have a couple of questions: what is a Gender Fluid Queer? Sounds messy. Any need for Kleenex?

You are/were an ESL teacher. At the link I notice of number of noun / verb conjugation errors. "They are a survivor ...." & a few others. Are these ideological changes? Would you take your red to these mistakes?

Last question: is there any resistance to this nonsense on campus? It's sad to think that this agenda is gaining traction on campuses. The end of critical thinking?

ENGENDERING RESISTANCE: An Art Installation & Dialogue on Gender Identity in Childhood

DepartmentGender and Sexuality Studies
Date and Time: November 12, 2019 | 3:30 PM-6:00 PM
Event Location: Humanities Gateway 1010 & 1030
Event Details

An Art Installation & Dialogue on Gender Identity in Childhood

3:30-6:00 Humanities Gateway 1010: ART INSTALLATION by Sé Sullivan
(Ab) NORMAL & (Un) NATURAL: Performing Identity & Engendering Resistance

The story of one child’s experience at UCLA’s Gender Research Clinic and their resistance to the enforced practices of conversion therapy. Dr. Sé Sullivan began this project as an autoethnographic exploration that developed into a Ph.D. thesis in the Social and Cultural Anthropology. During their research they made a ground-breaking discovery: In the restricted boxes of the Robert Stoller Papers at UCLA was the 1970 file that included a transcribed 68-page oral interrogation of Sé as an eight-year-old being seen at the school’s Gender Identity Research Clinic (1963-1994). “This file, file number 24,” Sé writes, “is a historical document and record of my body as a site of data collection.”


This dialogue will bring together Sé Sullivan, Ph.D. and Karl Bryant, Ph.D. for the first time in a formal setting to discuss the relationship between their respective experiences as childhood research subjects in the UCLA Gender Identity Research Clinic and their subsequent interventions as adult scholars who turn the lens of analysis on the doctors and researchers who studied them as children.

SÉ SULLIVAN is an independent scholar, journeyperson carpenter, and performance artist—with a Ph.D. from California Institute of Integral Studies. A self identified Gender Fluid Queer, they are a survivor of the UCLA Gender Identity Research Clinic (1963-1994) who now hopes to shape conversations about the medicalized construction of gender.

KARL BRYANT is an associate professor of Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz and was a research subject for 15+ years while growing up as part of the UCLA “Feminine Boy Project.”

Moderated by Dr. Jeanne Scheper, associate professor of gender & sexuality studies at the University of California, Irvine. 

Co-sponsored by the Department of Art, School of Humanities, UCI Humanities Center: Borders & Belonging, School of Social Sciences, Womxn's Hub

 I have placed certain words in bold for emphasis.

Here is my response to Anonymous:


Thanks for the heads-up. Obviously, I did not attend it.

Actually, I am not a professor since I only have a masters degree.

I have no idea what a gender fluid queer is. It is apparently one of the 50 or so new genders invented by the maniacs who run our colleges these days.

As for the errors, they are an embarrassment for a university announcement. I am guessing that the use of "they" and "their" represent their preferred pronouns which are non gender specific-total nonsense if that was their intent. I would absolutely take my red to these errors. These people don't get to re-invent English grammar.

Resistance to this on campus? I suppose very little on campus. This is the state of our universities these days. I recommend you check out a couple of blogs called "Campus Reform" and "The College Fix". They are dedicated to reporting this kind of nonsense. I will post this myself and pass it on to them as well.


Nuff said.

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