Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chris Cuomo, Say Hello to Chris Darden

Hat tip to  The Federalist and Charleton

Remember back in the 90s when we had the OJ Simpson trial and that incompetent prosecutor, Chris Darden, decided he would have OJ try on the gloves (that he wore the night he murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman)?

Of course, Darden never took into account that the gloves had been laying outside in the rain then put into an evidence bag where they sat until the trial. They shrunk. Darden and the entire prosecution team looked like fools when the gloves didn't fit because they had become too small for Simpson's hand-not to mention the plastic gloves he had on underneath.

So now we fast forward to today, when CNN's Chris Cuomo (who is trying to rid himself of that Fredo nickname) decided he would do a demonstration on live tv to support today's impeachment witness, David Holmes, who testified that he overheard President Trump on the other end of Gordon Sondland's cell phone. And guess what happened.

"Hey Mom, say Hi to Dana Bash Chris Darden."

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