Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Women's March Pulls an Okie Doke

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Allyson Taylor

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Zahra Billoo-The new face of feminism?

Recently, the feminist movement has dreamed up some new gimmick called The Women's March. It features left wing women at the forefront. I won't bother to name them all because my stomach will start churning, but it is noteworthy that one of their "board members" was the noted Palestinian-American anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour, who goes around in her colorful hijabs as to make some sort of fashion statement, It cannot hide the ugliness which lies below that hijab. Linda Sarsout is toxic, so toxic, in fact, that the Women's March has finally decided that she brings too much negative attention to their cause. So Sarsour is out. Problem now is....who will replace her? I guess they figure they have to have a  Muslim representative-even if they pointedly ignore all the horrors happening to women within Islam; stonings, honor killings, child brides, female circumcision etc.  They can't get involved in that. Neither could they ask someone like Muslim apostates, Nonie Darwish, Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Wafa Sultan to join their ranks. Have someone who is critical of Islam? Never.  So what do they do? They pull the old okie doke and bring on board none other than CAIR's San Francisco director, the almost-as toxic Zahra Billoo.

But do they know that Billoo once put out a poster urging Muslims to slam their doors when the FBI came calling trying to get information about terrorism? Do they know that she has admitted that the ideology she so fervently professes has a death penalty for adulterers? She admitted it to me when she spoke at UC Irvine in 2013 as part of "Muslim Awareness Week".  It was in that same exchange that she gave me a lame  explanation of those posters she was putting out.

So now we have the Women's March hiring a woman to help lead them who openly says, "Yes, we have a death penalty for adulterers- but for both male and female."

Does anybody see what's wrong here? No wonder these feminists have no credibility.

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