Friday, September 13, 2019

Ilhan Omar Challenged by Muslim Reformers in Minnesota

Hat tip Clarion Project and Investigative Project on Terrorism

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This week a group of Muslim reformers from the Muslim Reform Movement took their case right into Ilhan Omar territory-the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) to rebuke her Islamism. Prior to the event, the Clarion Project advertised it. Shireen Qudosi, one of the speakers, is a Clarion Project writer.

The investigative Project on Terrorism reported on what occurred at the event.

Fousesquawk comment: While I am not overly optimistic as to their numbers and chance of actually bringing about a reform within Islam, I support their efforts, nonetheless. First of all, it takes courage for Muslims to take these positions and to challenge the bully boys of CAIR, MPAC and a host of other Islamic groups in the US aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Some have argued that the words of people like Zuhdi Jasser amount to nothing more than taqiyya-lying to non-Muslims in furtherance of the religion. I disagree. They are acknowledging that there are problems within Islam. They have put their safety on the line. They took their message right into the lion's den-not to mention a hostile universiyt campus. They are not simply telling gullible non-Muslims that terrorists are misinterpreting Islam, which is really a "religion of peace". They are telling us that we must keep our guard up and not allow sharia to become the law of the land over our Constitution.

That merits our support.

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