Saturday, June 15, 2019

CAIR's Nihad Awad Calls Disney "Aladdin" Movie "Islamophobic"

Hat tip Algemeiner

                                                                                    Nihad Awad

How do you like this one, CAIR?

Nihad Awad, the reptilian CEO of CAIR, has found something new that he and his gang of co-conspirators find offensive and Islamophobic. It's the new Disney movie about Aladdin. I kid you not.

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Squid said...

When will people realize the business of Islamists is Subjugation. The word Islam means surrender and world of Islam wants everyone on earth to surrender to Islam. CAIR moves in this direction routinely, to the point of ridiculous claims of Islamophobia (CAIR's word). Now CAIR targets Disney. Hopefully, Disney feels it's bottom line is more important than the rantings of an Islamist.