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Anti-Islam Artist/Activist Assaulted in Sweden

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Nya Tider, and Nyheter Idag

Dan Park is a Swedish street artist who is active against the Islamization of Sweden. Vlad Tepes has re-posted a 2015 speech by Park in Malmo as he was heckled by protesters. Park was also interviewed in 2015 by Vlad Tepes as to the problems he has had with the police regarding his "offensive hate speech" and controversial paintings, some of which have been branded as racist.

This week, Park was attacked and beaten while walking home from a concert in Malmo. Therefore, Vlad Tepes has decided to re-post the 2015 posts. First, here is the latest report from Nyheter Idag (Times Today). Translation by Fousesquawk:

Street artist Dan Park assaulted

Malmo: Street artist Dan Park has been assaulted in Malmo. Park was assaulted when he was on his way home froma  concert., and reports to Times Today that he was jumped from behind- "I felt a blow to my head. Pow! Ended up on the ground. My glasses flew (off), that's why they did it. Then the f-ing people stood and  fed off of it. You know, kicking, both in my face, in my back....

And from Nya Tider (New Times) Translation by Fousesquawk:

After beating: Exclusive interview with Dan Park

The well-known street artist and freedom of expression activist Dan Park has once again been assaulted. A masked gang kicked him down in central Malmo during the day and continued to kick him in the head and body while Park lay on the ground

Published April 20 at 0:938

 It was yesterday when Park was on his way home on Mollevangs Street when the masked gang jumped him from behind and kicked him (down). Once on the ground they continued to kick the artist in the face and stomach among other (places). The gang consisted of 6 persons and according to Park, (one)  had a typical Asian appearance while the other five were masked. Today Park limps, has much pain in the nose, and a blue (black) eye over one eye.

Two witnesses afterward said that there was one Asian and five whites, says Park

When our reporter asked him if he had made a police report, Park said it was meaningless-even though there were witnesses. He reports that he has been assaulted before, that police took the persons who had assaulted him, and that evidence in the form of Park's blood which was found left on their shoes. The people who assaulted him gave false personal information and were afterward released. The (case) was then dropped for lack of evidence because they couldn't identify those who attacked him.

Park was sentenced recently by the court to three months in jail for hate against an ethnic group due to his art. The prosecutor appealed to the appeals court, proceedings have just been completed and (their decision) is expected April 24. His art is seen as provocative  especially by the left and that is why he has been targeted.
Park has been convicted five times for hate against ethnic group for his art,  but so far all the dozens of suspects who have assaulted him have gone free.
Park also earlier suffered an assault in Norrebro in Copenhagen. At that time, he was at the youth house, which is a well-known gathering place for the autonomous left. When Park's girlfriend went off to a 7-11 to shop, a left extremist gang jumped him from behind, just like yesterday in Malmo, kicked him as he lay, and chanted "piggy" in Danish.

And now the 2015 posts by Vlad Tepes, which they have re-posted  due to this week's incident.

April 18, 2019

It is more than that. One Swedish Jew I know tells me that it is dangerous to speak out against Islam and immigration in Sweden, also because if you acquire such a reputation, you can be branded as a racist or Islamophobe and fired from your job. With that on your record, good look gaining another job.

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