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UC Berkeley Professors Cry About Lack of Support for Israel Boycott

Hat tip Daily Californian

There is an op-ed running in the Californian (campus paper of UC Berkley) by a group of professors who are upset that the university does not support their efforts to boycott Israel.

Below is what I submitted to the reader comment thread. I don't yet know if it will be posted by DC.
I represent no organization. I am just one Gentile who taught part-time at UC Irvine for 18 years and witnessed first-hand the pure anti-semitism masquerading as a human rights protest for Palestinians. BDS, despite its denials, is nothing more than an effort to bring about the fall of the Jewish state of Israel. The fact that misfits like Jewish Voice for Peace and misfit Jewish professors choose to align themselves with those who support the killing of Jews (Israelis) does not legitimze BDS. Time and timne again, we have witnessed Students for Justice in Palestine disrupt Jewish events. I have personnally witnessed it at UCI on multiple occasions.
With all the violence, hate and destruction going on in the Arab world, one wonders why Israel, the only democrcary in the Middle East, gets singled out for supposed human rights violations, most of which are bogus. Make no mistake: BDS is anti-semitic to its core.

  • Thousands March Against Anti-Semitism in Paris

    Hat tip Allan

    -China Daily

    On Tuesday evening, thousands of people marched in Paris to protect against the recent spate of anti-semitic incidents in France.

    There hasn't been much good news coming out of France in recent years but this is cause for encouragement. It is good that French presidents, past and present have spoken out, but it seerms only Marine LePen has spelled it out as to who is responsible for most of these incidents. The truth is France has badly let down its Jewish citizens while they have abised and even murdered by Muslims. The result is that Jews are leaving France in droves. Who can blame them?

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    What They Are Saying at the Rockaway (NYC) Islamic Center (Hate Speech)

    Hat tip Memri and Vlad Tepes

    New York City Imam Abul Baraa Muhammed Abdullah Amreeki has a sermon uploaded on his YouTube site in which he talks about why Muslims should not take unbelievers (Christians and Jews) as friends. It was posted on the mosque's Facebook page and uploaded on Amreeki's YouTube site on January 25, 2019.

    Of course, when we point these things out, we are called "Islamophobes". One also wonders, given the strict censorship policies and "community standards" of Facebook and YouTube, why stuff like this is permitted.

    Andrew McCabe's 60 Minutes Interview

    This article first appeared in New English Review.

    Image result for broken clock

    A few days ago, I wrote a reaction to the trailers I was seeing of CBS's 60 Minutes interview with Andrew McCabe. I stated then that I wanted to see the full program, which aired Sunday before making a final judgment. After seeing the interview Sunday, there isn't much of anything to change my initial reaction. There is a bit to add, however.

    First of all, Scott Pelley, the interviewer, hardly challenged McCabe on anything. It was, as might be predicted, a sympathetic interview. The only "hardball" question Pelley threw out was in asking
    McCabe to explain his firing by the FBI for lying to investigators about a news leak he made. McCabe's answer was somewhat lame. He basically said he was stressed at the time and may have misstated something, but there was no incentive for him to lie about it since the "leak" was made through the FBI's public affairs office. C'mon, Andrew. You were a senior FBI agent. You were being questioned about something that you were intimately involved in. You also were in the habit of keeping notes, which you have turned over to Robert Mueller.

    So McCabe, who "hit it out of the ballpark" as they say in politics, came across as a man honestly driven to protect the Republic from this dangerous madman in the White House (aided by info-bits from CBS, which buttressed his story).


    Pelley never asked McCabe how he ever got the idea that he and Rod Rosenstein and others in the FBI ever thought they could launch the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Pelley could have pointed out to McCabe for the benefit of the viewers that the 25th Amendment was reserved for the vice president and the cabinet-not the FBI, DOJ, or anybody else in federal law enforcement. Pelley also could have pointed out that Trump had every legal right to fire Director James Comey, a man who admitted leaking his own notes of a meeting with Trump to a professor friend who passed them on to the media. Purpose? Per Comey's own admission, to have a special prosecutor named to investigate Trump. Mission accomplished.

    And how is it that McCabe and Rosenstein were talking about removing Trump from office for obstruction of justice (for firing Comey) when Rosenstein himself wrote the memo recommending that Comey be fired? Rosenstein makes Machiavelli look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

    McCabe said he and his cohorts launched an obstruction of justice investigation into Trump after the Comey firing allegedly to cover up the Russian probe which the FBI began around the same time they were whitewashing the Hillary Clinton email investigation, run by the same circle of people, McCabe, Peter Strzok, et al. That was the investigation in which the FBI used that bogus Steele Dossier as a basis to obtain a FISA wiretap on Carter Page, then a Trump campaign operative.

    If McCabe can be believed, and I'm not saying he can, Rod Rosenstein came out of the interview looking very bad. According to McCabe, Rosenstein was not only four square into looking into the 25th Amendment angle, but was deadly serious when he broached the subject of wearing a wire to the Oval Office.

    Pelley then introduced the DOJ rebuttal to McCabe's allegations  about Rosenstein. Pelley pointed out that the letter was carefully-worded. I agree. Here's what it said:

    “The Deputy Attorney General again rejects Mr. McCabe’s recitation of events as inaccurate and factually incorrect. The Deputy Attorney General never authorized any recording that Mr. McCabe references… There is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment, nor was the DAG in a position to consider invoking the 25th Amendment. Finally, the Deputy Attorney General never spoke to Mr. Comey about appointing a Special Counsel. The Deputy Attorney General in fact appointed Special Counsel Mueller, and directed that Mr. McCabe be removed from any participation in that investigation.”

    Of course he never authorized any recording. That was not the charge. The allegation is that he seriously brought up the idea. As to the 25th Amendment, of course the Deputy Attorney General was not in a position to invoke the amendment-as pointed out above. He should not have even been discussing it.

    Here's what we had hoped the statement would say.

    It could have said that Rosenstein never discussed wearing a wire and never discussed the possibility of invoking (or getting anyone else to invoke) the 25th amendment.

    It should be pretty clear at this point that there was a discussion among higher-ups at the FBI and DOJ to remove a democratically-elected president from office (a silent coup). The relevant questions now are: Was there an agreement to proceed? Secondly, subsequent to the agreement, did any of these conspirators commit an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy? Said overt act need not be a crime in and of itself; it could be any action in furtherance of an unlawful conspiracy.

    If the answer to both questions is yes, that is a violation of the federal conspiracy law. 18 USC 371.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2019

    Anti-Semitism in Amsterdam

    Image result for dam square in amsterdam
    Amsterdam's Dam Square

    Over the centuries Amsterdam, has had a proud history as a place where Europe's Jews could find refuge from persecution. Many of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 settled in Amsterdam. The Dutch philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, was born into a family descended from 16th century Portuguese Jews. More recently, the family of Anne Frank, originally from Frankfurt, found refuge from the Nazis in Amsterdam until the German occupation, when they were discovered in hiding and deported to the death camps.

    Today, that proud legacy is in decline. Today's Jewish residents of Amsterdam, much like their co-religionists in other Western European countries, are finding themselves targeted by the exploding Muslim immigrant population. As the below article explains, much of the anti-semitism carries the familiar  mask of Palestinian rights.

    The below article from the Dagelijkse Standaard, is translated to English by Fousesquawk. Editing and sub-titling by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes.

    Just a weekend in anti-semitic Amsterdam: "Yes, I deny the Holocaust"

    Photo: Holocaust-denying woman in Amsterdam

    Meanwhile, Amsterdam, once the proud owner of its own Jewish quarter, has become one of the most anti-semitic countries in all of Europe. Those who defend Judaism on Dam Square have it thrown at them that the Holocaust is a fiction and that Hitler did not kill 6 million Jews.

    Is Amsterdam is still a pleasant place to live for those of Jewish background? Lodelijk Asscher (Labour Party) probably sticks his head in the sand and probably says that it is. But anyone who sees the almost weekly disclosures of Micahel Jacobs sees that the tolerance for the People of the Book is diminishing. And this weekend he stood again on Dam Square  to counter the anit-semitic protesters, who, under the guise of the Palestinian cause, coolly vent Jew hatred.

    And no, it is not because of settlements on the West Bank or the blockade of Gaza. It is quite simple: It is about the Holocaust. About how the Holocaust  is supposedly a lie, and how Jews have fabricated it  themselves  in their all mighty anger. Michael Jacobs, is not looking anywhere now.

    "I recorded the attached film yesterday with my bodycam. I think that it speaks for itself. Members of a vast circle of Israel-haters (who present themselves really as BDS (B for boycott) but who are worldwide-known as an anti-semitic movement, create on Dam Square a climate that stimulates passers-by to express anti-Jewish sentiments publicly."

    There you go.

    Monday, February 18, 2019

    More Bellyaches out of Rabab Abdulhadi

    Hat tip Campus Watch

    San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi continues to display her arrogance in unprecedented ways. Even by today's low standards in academia, she has embarrassed SFSU for years with her unhinged attacks against Israel, attacks that have brought numerous accusations of anti-semitism her way.

    Now Abdulhadi is objecting that SFSU is recognizing Israel's Independance Day. Instead, she wants SFSU to recognize Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr as holidays.  Yeah, right. She maintains that the university is insulting Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.

    The obvious question for Abdulhadi is if SFSU is so offensive to her and Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs, and if the school is being so unfair to her as she is always complaining, why doesn't she just quit? In fact, why doesn't she just pack up her bags and go back to whatever hellhole in the West Bank or Gaza she crawled out of?

    Abdulhadi's problem is that living in her academic bubble, she doesn't realize that the overwhelming majority of the American people-meaning those outside the gates of SFSU- support Israel and could care less about the Palestinians. Most people in this country have figured out a long time ago that the Palestinians are not our friends.

    And note the clear bias of the Golden Gate Express article that is linked and which reports on the campus protest. No opposing side that speaks up for Israel. Also note the unquestioning quote of a Filipina student who talks about the "martial law, occupations and bombings" of Mindanao, Philippines. What century is she living in?

    If I were running that madhouse called SFSU, I would have a quick reply to Abdulhadi's obnoxious demands.

    Campus Watch on UCI's Mark LeVine and Little ol' Me

    Hat tip Campus Watch

    "When racist idiots who have no business teaching anyone anything want to lob non sequiturs, I have too much to do to spend much time answering."

    Recently, we reported on an anti-Israel film "documentary" shown at UC Irvine sponsored by three academic schools and moderated by UC Irvine comedian Mark LeVine. Not that there's anything new about an anti-Israel event at UCI, but we found it curious that three academic schools would, in effect, put their imprimatur on the film's content.

    Then, when LeVine told The College Fix all kinds of nasty things about me last week, it was picked up by Campus Watch, who, in turn, posted my own reaction here at Fousesquawk.

    Like Mark, I also have too much to do to spend much time answering. He and I have fully expressed our opinions of each other to our respective faces.

    "Racist idiot," though.  Hmmm.

    Juan Cole-Scientist

    University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole is not only a scholar when it comes to history, he is also a climate scientist in his spare time. Thus, when NY freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (all 29 years of her)  came out with her harebrained Green New Deal to save the planet, while most people laughed, Cole signed on immediately. In the below article from Cole's misnamed blog, "Informed Comment", Cole quotes a study by three British researchers that warns that THE END IS NEAR........

    First of all, let's look at the Insitute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), where these three researchers work. I have learned to use caution when referring to Wikipedia, but according to that source, this institute is a left-wing think tank founded  in 1988. Its "primary aim was to provide theoretical analysis for modernisers in the UK Labour Party; offering alternatives to free market fundamentalism".

    IPPR's current director is Tom Kibasi.

    Let me be the first to state that when it comes to science, I am lost. It was one of those subjects in school that I could never figure out. Apparently, Cole, who as I stated, is a history professor, has no such problem. In fact, the way his article reads, it's hard in places to figure out whether Cole is merely quoting the three researchers or simply throwing out a bunch of facts and figures on his own.

    "And note that we’re only at the beginning. We have been putting 38.2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide up into the atmosphere every year. Seriously, all, why would you do that? Some proportion of it will be up there for 100,000 years. Some of it will be absorbed by the salt oceans and turn them acidic, killing off half of marine life. But the average temperature of the surface of the earth does not yet reflect all those heat-trapping gases already up in the atmosphere. The oceans are huge and deep and cold, and will only very gradually warm up. The two poles and the Himalayas still have a lot of surface ice, which lowers the global average. But over the next few hundred years these brakes on rapid heating will go out and the disruption will accelerate. It is already accelerating in our own lifetimes faster than any scientists imagined just a couple of decades ago."

    Is that according to the British researchers or Cole? Is it true? Hell if I know, and I have no idea how these three British researchers rank in the "research" community, whether they are correct or full of it. If you read into their report, what is their solution? I suspect they want worldwide socialism and income redistribution. After all, according to them, "environmental breakdown" is a "justice" issue because it is caused by the wealthy nations and poor nations are most impacted by it.

    At any rate, Cole is buying into it. His conclusion? We need Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal and we need it yesterday.

    In which case, it's already too late. 

    From UC Irvine's New University Campus Paper

    You don't see much quality spread across the pages of campus newspapers these days. I am happy to cross-post a quality op-ed from the New University, campus newspaper of UC Irvine, where I taught part-time for 18 years. This is penned by Rebecca Rinaldi, a 4th-year student writer. In this piece Rebecca calls out women's marches, Louis Farrakhan, and anti-semitism coming from the left.

    There is hope.It will be interesting to see what kind of backlash she receives at NU from readers on the left. Stick to your guns, Rebecca.

    Campus Anti-Semitism in NY

    I am cross-posting a piece written by Michael Goldstein, a professor at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, in the NY Daily News. He describes the anti-semitism he has been subjected to because, aside from being a Jew, he is a conservative and a Zionist. It appears that much of the harassment directed at him is coming from something called the Progressive Faculty Caucus. He specifically accuses sociology professor Katia Perea (a self-described cartoon scholar) as leading the charge to have him ousted.

    This, of course, flies in the face of those who claim that whatever anti-semitism that exists in the US today is coming from the alt-right, white nationalists, and Trump supporters. While there certainly are some white nationalists and racists out there who are anti-semitic, I can state with certainly that most anti-semitism in the US-especially on college campuses- is coming from ismaic quarters, the far left and most of all, pro-Palestinian activists. And we can bet that the Progressive Faculty Caucus is not on the right of the political spectrum.

    It also appears that the administrators at Kingsborough are just as cowardly as administrators in universities all over the country, which I have personally observed within the University of California system when it comes to standing up for Jewish students and teachers.

    It appears that finally, the issue of growing anti-semitism is entering the public consciousness. It is about time.  The debate is just where is the greatest threat coming from. I reiterate that there is some coming from the exreme right, and it must be condemned. Most, however, is thanks to the marriage between the left, Islam and the pro-Palestinian movement.

    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    Mustapha's Brother Gets Busted in Netherlands

    Hat tip Vlad Tepes

    Heigh ho, heigh ho
    It's off to jail they go

    It started with an illegally parked car that was being towed. That's when the owner, only identified as being the brother of some other mope named Mustapha, made the situation worse. Vlad Tepes has  the video.

    Being Evicted in Angela Merkel's Germany

    Hat tip Jihad Watch

    "Wir schaffen dass." (We can do this.)

    What can they do in Angela Merkel's Germany? They can evict a 74-year-old man from his apartment to make room for migrants from hellholes like Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan or Iraq-that's what they can do. And they are doing it.

    Image result for germans hang bedshreets out of windows 1945

    1945- Germans hang bed sheets out of windows in surrender

    Below-Germany today

    A Disgraceful Op-Ed by Duke Chronicle

    As I often say, our university campuses have become the center for the resurgence of anti-semitism in this country. A current op-ed by the editorial board of the Duke Chronicle illustrates this perfectly. The Chronicle defends anti-semitic Mulsim congresswoman, Ilhan Omar and sharply criticizes AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee), which Omar accused of paying off politifcians to support Israel. Two Jewish students have responded to the op-ed in a very eloquent manner.

    The best thing that can be said about the Duke Chrinicle is that it allowed the Jewish students to respond, and they very effectively pointed out how the Chronicle had contributed to anti-Jewish stereotypes and made life harder for Jewish students. In its typical zeal to stake out its position on the left, the Chronicle has managed to pit groups like Muslims and African-Americans against Jews. These are the very same people who cry the loudest about "marginalized communities", "inclusion" and all that other left-wing nonsense.  Indeed, the very first words set out the parameters "from Trump's early morning rants" to the Black Lives Matter movement before moving on to attack Israel and AIPAC. In between, they manage to tie it in with every imaginable/imagined ill such as the NRA, Climate Change, Ferguson, and oil corporations.

    And where are the adults who supposedly run Duke University? Hiding under their desks, as they always do when Jewish students come under fire. Where are the journalism professors who are supposedly teaching these kids how to write? Where are the over-paid Equity, Diversity and Inclusion suits when to use their own words, one student group is being marginalized?

    Remember that this is the same institution that convicted a group of Duke Lacrosse players of rape before it turned out that they were really innocent. That was done with the active connivance of Duke faculty who took one look at the color of the alleged victim and the color of the alleged rapists and came up with their instant verdict.

    You wonder why journalism in America is in the trash can? This is where the people who write fiction disguised as fact at places like the New York Times and Washington Post get their training. If this op-ed by the Chrobnicle is any illustration, we have only seen the first wavge. The next generation is right around the corner.

    As I said, it is good that the Chronicle has allowed two  Jewish students to respond. The next step should be an apology to Duke's Jewish community.

    Saturday, February 16, 2019

    Remembering a Great Swiss Cop

    Image result for fausto cattaneo
    Fausto Cattaneo- Ticino Cantonal Police

    I have just learned of the passing this week of Fausto Cattaneo, retired Swiss police officer, with whom many DEA agents in Europe, including myself, had the honor of working with. Fausto spent many years before his retirement working drug cases in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. Working mostly in Locarno, he headed the drug investigations unit both there and later in nearby Bellinzona. It was during the years between 1982-1987 that I had the opportunity to work with him out of the DEA office in Milan. At that time, DEA had no office in Switzerland, and that allowed us to get involved in cases of mutual interest. Later, the agency opened an office in Bern, but due to language considerations, we continued to all collaborate together.

    Fausto was the kind of cop you see portrayed in those cop dramas in the US and Europe. Only, in Fausto's case, he was actually living it. All the police in Switzerland knew who Fausto was, and he was greatly respected for his hard work and ability to make cases others couldn't. In short, he was a legend, not only among the Swiss police, but European police and was even known to many Swiss civilians.

    Fausto often worked undercover, not only in Switzerland, but other countries as well in a time when many prosecutors and judges in Europe took a dim view of what was a valuable enforcement tool. Without going into too much detail-even after all these years- Fausto and an agent from our Milan office worked undercover together to effect a massive heroin seizure in a case that involved several countries. Fluent in Italian, French and German, he was able to work effectively with colleagues all over the country.

    And when work was done for the day, it was a joy to unwind afterwards with a few beers and share stories and laughter with Fausto.  He was a bon vivant and was funny in whatever language he happened to be speaking in. I could not list all the great memories we in the Milan office shared with Fausto.

    I remember in 1982 when I first took my family to Locarno for a few days vacation. We had taken a cab from the train station to the hotel, and our little girl had left her bag of toys in the taxi. Fausto came to the hotel to greet us, immediately tracked down the cab in question, and got the toys back. It was a small thing but something our family never forgot.

    A few years back, Fausto published a book on his fascinating career. It is out in three languages, Italian, French and German. I was able to order a copy of the German addition, "Deckname Tato" ("Undercover Name Tato"). In the book, he told not only of the many international drug cases he worked, but how (just like in the movies), higher ups in suits had tried to wreck his career. Fausto was a cop who thought out of the box, and some didn't like that. The fact remains that he conducted his career with integrity and professionalism.

    In the past couple of years, Fausto and I made connections over Facebook, actually conversing for the first time in English (Actually, I never realized his English was so good), but I was not aware when he came down with ALS. Now I have learned of his passing through the DEA retirees' grapevine. Among those who worked with Fausto in Europe, the lines are buzzing. Personally, I feel sad on his passing and regretful that I never saw him again after I left Italy in 1987.

    I hope that somehow, in some way, not just Ticino, but all of Switzerland is making a note of his passing. That country owes a lot to Fausto Cattaneo. As the Jewish saying goes: "May his memory be a blessing."

    Image result for fausto cattaneo