Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mariah Carey to Perform in Saudi Arabia

Sneak preview

According to the Arab News (Saudi Arabia), sexpot crooner Mariah Carey will be performing in Saudi Arabia on January 31 as part of some golf tournament at some place called King Abdullah Economic City. (Watch out for those big sandtraps.)

                                                          18th hole

This, of course, leads to the obvious question. The diva usually appears in public in outfits resembling something between a negligee and a bathrobe.

Image result for mariah carey
That will not fly in the puritanical kingdom.

I guess as I write, Mariah is rehearsing in full burka and nikab.

Then again, Arab News is not a completely trustworthy news source. This might just be fake news. Until I read it in Buzzfeed or CNN, I will take it with a grain of sand.

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