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The Mysterious Erlangen Airstrip

Hat tip Ferris

On the night of October 15-16, 1946, the hangings of the major war crime defendants convicted at Nuremberg were carried out in a gymnasium located in the courthouse-prison complex. Hermann Goering managed to avoid execution by biting a cyanide capsule shortly before he was to be hanged. From there, the bodies were loaded onto lorries and transported to the Munich area, where they were cremated and the ashes dumped into a tributary of the Isar River, which flows though Munich. I have read various accounts as to where the cremations took place. According to some sources, they were burned at the Dachau concentration camp, just outside Munich. Colonel Burton Andrus, who was in charge of the prisoners, stated in his book, "I was the Nuremberg Jailor", that the bodies were taken to Dachau. One German TV documentary I have seen stated that it happened at Munich's Ostfriedhof (East Cemetery) crematorium. Wikipedia states that this latter account is accurate, and that the cremations were carried out at the Ostfriedhof.

What is also not clear is how the bodies got to Munich (or Dachau). By some accounts they were taken in the lorries and by other accounts, they were flown to Munich from a nearby airfield. Once the lorries left the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, news reporters tried to follow them but were blocked by US Army military vehicles. It is reported in some accounts that the lorries were last seen on Fuertherstrasse (which is where the courthouse is located. It is still a functioning courthouse today.)Years ago, I read one account that suggested the bodies were taken to a small airfield near Erlangen and flown to Munich.(See Joe Heydecker and Johannes Leeb, "The Nuremberg Trial: A History of Nazi Germany as Revealed Through the Testimony at Nuremberg", World Publishing Company, 1962.  pp 387-388.) I addressed this issue in my own book, Erlangen-An American's History of a German Town, University Press of America, 2005, pp 269-270.

If that is true, I surmise that the airfield in question was at the caserne which the US Army took over in 1945, amd which became known as Ferris Barracks-and where I was stationed from 1966-1968.

A few days ago, one of the members of Ferris, an online site dedicated to those who served at Ferris Barracks, posted a photo of the small airstrip, which just so happened to be located near my barracks and our motor pool (404 Military Police Company). In the above photo, the brick building in the foreground is the motor pool. (This photo was taken at a different time and the motor pool was being used by a different unit.) One of the two white buildings, a small portion of which can be seen at the extreme right, was my barracks. Today, it is a Montessori school. The vehicle in the picture is parked on a portion of what was the airstrip.

So I am wondering if this airstrip, just yards from our barracks and motor pool, is where the bodies of Goering,  Ribbentrop, Keitel, Jodl, Frank, Streicher, Sauckel, Kaltenbrunner, Seyss-Inquart, Frick, and Rosenberg were put on a plane bound for the Munich area to be cremated. I will try to find out more and report back.

The Latest Outrage From Merkel's Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

It has become all too familiar in Germany these days (not to mention the rest of Western Europe). An innocent victim slaughtered to death by another Muslim " refugee", in this case, from Afghanistan. In the below video, we see parents coming to court and seeing their son's murderer.

Keep in mind that the victim's parents in this case are themselves immigrants-legal immigrants, who came to Germany and spent years working hard to be successful and assimilated, only to see their son murdered by someone who should never have been allowed into Germany to begin with.

This video is heartbreaking.

I wish I could say that this case is an aberration. It is not. These things are happening with regularity in those foolish Western European countries whose leaders have opened their arms to people from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa, overwhelmingly Muslim. With some exceptions, these are not true refugees. They are overwhelmingly unaccompanied young men. Any fool could have seen that the result would be crime, terrorism, rapes, riots, no-go zones and what have you. I don't mean to accuse every single Muslim who has moved to Europe, but the cases are far too frequent to simply say that there are a few bad apples in every bunch.

Germany's Angela Merkel has taken the lead in bringing in hundreds of thousands of these people into Europe. Her country also takes the lead in heartbreaking stories like this. And yet she presses on with her insane policies. She is followed by the leaders of France, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. She is supported by no less than Pope Francis, who urges Europe to let more in.

Meanwhile, innocent women are being raped and innocent people are being murdered.

Many say that it is now too late. Europe is lost. Maybe so, but I have to think that a policy that began in earnest in 2015 can still be reversed. First and foremost, it will take electing people and parties who will put a stop to this madness before civil war breaks out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Murder of Pamela Mastropietro in Italy-One Year Later

Last year, we posted the story of the horrific murder of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro in Macerata, Italy. A 29-year-old Nigerian man, Innocent Oseghale, was charged with killing her and dismembering her body. Now the case is coming to trial and the uncle of the girl and lawyer for the family is accusing the local church of providing rental expenses for the suspect even after he had been caught selling drugs and ordered deported form Italy.

If these accusations are true, it is an indictment of a church community that actively assists in keeping illegal migrants in the country. Two weeks after the suspect himself read a pastoral letter from Pope Francis and the church community gave him gifts of blankets and groceries, the suspect allegedly carried out the gruesome murder in the very apartment the church had been paying rent for three months.

Translation of the article by Il Giornale is by Fousesquawk.

The uncle of Pamela accuses the parish priest: "The church paid for Oseghale's house"

According to the uncle of Pamela, and lawyer for the Mastropietro family, for three months, a parish of Macerata paid the rent of an apartment for Innocent Oseghale, where the 18-year-old (native of Rome) was killed and dismembered

Cristina Verdi-Monday Jan 21, 2019- 15:56

It is still wrapped in mystery, the death of Pamela Mastropietro. The 13th of February, the trial against Innocent Oseghale, the principle suspect in the death of the young girl,will open in court.
But today there are still many obscure points in the matter.

Marco Valerio Verni, the uncle of Pamela and lawyer for the Mastropietro family, lists them in an interview given to Affaritaliani. Beginning from that support offered by a parish of Villa Potenza, a small municipality of Macerata, to Oseghale, at the time already convicted for drugs (offense). According to the reconstruction by the lawyer, the Nigerian, already excluded from the refugee protection program after being caught dealing and awaiting expulsion from our country, had been identified by the parish priest as a person in need of help.Because of this, for three consecutive months, funds were collected for Oseghale and his companion, Michela Pettinari, 450 euros, which served to pay the rent of the apartment where they lived.

On 14 January a year ago, to celebrate the day of the migrant, Oseghale actually went up to the pulpit to read the pastoral letter written by Pope Francis, and the (church) community donated a basket with blankets and groceries to him. Only two weeks later, in that same apartment paid with the money of the faithful, he is believed to have consummated one of the most atrocious crimes of the last (recent)  years. "This perhaps explains, the really indifferent behavior of the bishop of Macerata and the silence of the church in that horrible matter," said the lawyer of the young girl, remembering how the bishop of the Marche (state in Italy) citizen didn't even get involved to bless the stone memorial placed at the scene where the dismembered body of the 19-year-old was discovered.

The uncle of Pamela has moreover denounced the "strong pressures" in the investigation. "I had recently requested access to the apartment of the horrors with my advisers: I was refused,"charged the lawyer of the young girl, interviewed by Affaritaliani. Moreover, it is not clear, continued Verni, "how Pamela could have taken opiates in the two months preceding her death" despite being kept in the community. The doubts regarding also the traces of DNA of an unknown person found in both trolleys. Circumstances that lead a person to think that Oseghale didn't do all this alone. But there is also another shadow in this matter.That which concerns the fate of a diary that Pamela was writing to tell her difficult story. A manuscript which, complains the uncle of the victim, has never been found. And which, perhaps, hides inside elements useful to discover the truth of that tragic January 30.

French Colonialism Still Lives?

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

If you thought the French colonial presence in Africa ended decades ago, think again. It seems that the French have printed their own currency to be used in 14 of their former colonies with the French treasury reaping the benefits from such ventures as gold mining in Burkina Faso.

In the current European migrant crisis, there is a diplomatic row between the new Italian government and the new French government under Emmanuel Macron. Harsh words are being spoken on both sides. Now, Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and Giorgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d' Italia party, are accusing France of exploiting Africa and reaping loads of money from African resources.

Here is Di Maio:

In the below link, you can watch Meloni's remarks. At the end of this video, she speaks of "going to Europe" and talking about this. She is referring to the May 26 elections for the European Parliament. Translation by Fousesquawk with sub-titling by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes.

So how 'bout it, Pierre? Are you French still involved in colonialism?


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"Assimilation" in Berlin Schools

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Nash Montana for translation

Image result for kreuzberg berlin

"There are four possible answers to this question: Remain here as a German and have problems. Remain here and stop being German. Remain German and move away. Or go to Waldorf school and make your name in interpretative dance."

Here is a depressing picture of the state of schools in Berlin when it comes to assimilation. In the heavily migrant section of Kreuzberg, it is the German kids who are pressured to assimilate into the culture of the migrants, (mostly Turks and Arabs.)

This will be the legacy of Angela Merkel.

More Fake News From Our Media?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

When I first heard this week that a group of high school students had harassed an elderly native American at a March for Life  in Washington, I was appalled. There was a video of this older gentlemen standing in front of these high schoolers from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. One kid, who wearing a MAGA hat, was staring at the older man and had a smile on his face. The story line picked up by the press was that these kids were harassing the man. Even the high school in Kentucky rushed to judgement and condemned the "behavior" of the students, many of who were wearing the red Trump MAGA caps.

It appears there is much more to the story than initially reported by the press. The young high schooler in question says that he had no wish to cause an incident and merely kept smiling at him as the video shows. We pick up the story from Fox News.

“White people go back to Europe where you came from,” one of the activists shouted at the Catholic students. “This is not your land.”

Apparently, there was a group of so-called Black Israelites, who have all kinds of oddball beliefs, and who were screaming at these kids and calling them "crackers". There was also some sort of altercation among the black protesters. But could that be true? Check out the below video from Vlad Tepes. (Warning: Lots of foul racially-tinged language.)

I don't know whether the Native American man (Nathan Phillips) acted properly or improperly. It may be that one or  more of the kids said something inappropriate. One student in the back seems to say something about, "... all the way back to Africa".  That is never right. But this is not a one-sided story. Unfortunately, our media jumped all over it in a one-sided account. But that is what they do.

Update: (Hat tip Jihad Watch). And then there is our old friend, Reza Aslan, formerly of CNN and last I heard a professor of something at UC Riverside. He reportedly wants to punch somebody in the face.

Did I say "professor of something" at UC Riverside? Make that professor of creative writing. How appropriate.

Jimmie Åkesson Speaks in Swedish Parliament

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Kronans Martell for translation.

Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson spoke a few days ago in the Swedish Parliament. He directed his remarks principally to the prime minister, an empty suit named Stefan Löfven, a Social Democrat. Thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation.

A French Mayor Speaks Truth to Power (Macron)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

French President Emmanuel Macron got an earful when he attended a town hall in Southern France. In the above clip, Brigitte Barèges, mayor of Montauban,  explained a few facts of life in today's France to the French president. The event involved some 600 French mayors and was held January 18 in Souillac.

Who Else Is Crossing the Mexican-US Border Illegally?

Hat tip Middle East Forum

I am cross-posting an article in the Middle East Forum written by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies. It confirms what many people don't want to talk about. People from Islamic countries are using the Mexico-US border to enter the country illegally.

Note: I doubt many of these characters are coming here looking for jobs. How many of those estimated 3,000 people are coming with the intent to harm us?

Another solid reason why our border must be secured.

Anthony Cormier Interview on CNN

Hat tip Daily Caller

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Sunday morning, Anthony Cormier, one of the two investigative reporters who broke the Buzzfeed story on President Trump Thursday night, appeared with Buzzfeed's editor-in-chief, Ben Smith on CNN's Reliable Sources, hosted by Brian Stelter. Daily Caller has a report with the entire interview.

Like anyone else, I do find it odd that the other reporter, Jason Leopold, was  unavailable ("out on a story"). Also significant was Cormier's "Can't get into details" on the question of whether one or both reporters had seen the alleged documents  involved. As we know, Cormier said previously that they themselves had not seen documents while Leopold claimed that he had seen documents. It is a confusing contradiction and Cormier failed to clear it up. He used the issue of protecting the confidentiality of his sources to avoid the central question: Did he and/or Leopold see documents and why are there two different answers?

Then there was Carl Bernstein, who appeared next. He added little to the central question of whether the Buzzfeed story was true or not. He preferred to go on a rant about Trump, his Russian interests, and his lies.  "Lies, lies, lies".

So where dos this go? It is too soon to say there is no truth to the accusation that Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the timing of when his Trump Tower project in Moscow was terminated. Do we care that Trump was negotiating to build a hotel in Moscow? Probably not though it would have been the proper thing to do to drop it as soon as he decided to run for president. The alleged crime is that he told Cohen to lie about it before Congress. Is that true? We don't know.

We also don't know about these two anonymous sources close to the Mueller investigation. Are they part of Mueller's team, FBI, or what? Do they even exist? If they do, they are guilty of unprofessional conduct, or worse, in revealing sensitive material in a major on-going investigation.

And this question of whether any of these reporters actually saw documents really leaves this whole report very shaky, indeed. Are the reporters and Buzzfeed guilty of sloppy reporting? Did they simply get it wrong? Are they guilty of something much worse? In other words, did they make it up? Again, we don't know, but we are living in an age where we have an agenda-driven media that is determined to destroy the Trump presidency. We also have people in the highest levels of federal government who also want to bring Trump down. We have already been shown the despicable actions of people like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and others who have abused their power to try and submarine a presidential candidate and sway an election to Hillary Clinton.

But back to the media. CNN, like others, gleefully ran with this story even while dutifully stating that they had not verified it themselves. The standard line was, "If this is true..." followed by speculation about the end of the Trump presidency. Stelter himself said that CNN ran with the story, other major outlets ran with the story, and even Fox "a little bit".

Good for Fox.

CNN and the rest of the media desperately want this story to be true for two reasons. First, they hate Trump and want to see him removed from office. Second, their own industry and their own respective companies have put themselves on the line with this story. They claim they have given the proper disclaimers, but they know they had a field day with this until Mueller's office disputed the story. Now they are in protective mode. Now they have to ask "hard questions" of Buzzfeed as Stelter did-"a little bit".

If it turns out that this story is untrue or simply cannot be verified, it does additional damage to the credibility of not only Buzzfeed but our media in general-as if they need any more hits to their credibility.  Who in this country still believes our media is fair and accurate? We need to have a free media, one that can criticize and question our government, even investigate it. What we have now is a media with a leftist, partisan agenda, a media that shills for the Democrat party and is determined to bring down Trump. How many hours a day does CNN spend not talking about Trump?

Right now, we don't know where this is going to lead. If it turns out everything these reporters say is true, shame on Trump. But shame also on the supposed sources who leaked details of an investigation to the media. If the report is just fake news, shame on our media. Either way, this episode is bad news for the nation. (No pun intended.)

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More From Austria: Gerald Grosz

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

I am cross-posting this from Vlad Tepes. Gerald Grosz is an official of the center-right Alliance for the Future of Austria party.  (Bündnis Zukunft ÖsterreichBZÖ)   In the below interview, Grosz, who is openly gay, describes the murders of Austrians by migrants, and expresses alarm that he would have to live in a police state that prohibits discussion of the migrant problem in his country and which would not allow him to live his life in freedom.

Along with the previously posted statement by Austrian Secretary of State, Karoline Edtstadler, this is very encouraging. Remember that this is the country in which Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of hate speech for saying much the same things about the immigrant problem. (She also spoke out about Islam.)

Austrian SecState Speaks out on Migrant Violence

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Miss Piggy for translation

Karoline Edtstadler is the Austrian secretary of state. In this noteworthy statement, on Austrian public TV, no less, she talks about the murders committed in her country by foreigners. This is cross-posted from Vlad Tepes.

This is encouraging. Under a new government, Austria has joined Italy among Western European countries who realize that the wave of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers has gotten out of hand and is harming their society in the form of crime, violence and welfare costs. Along with Italy and Eastern European countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland, they offer hope that Europe can reverse this trend before it is too late.

It is also interesting that her statement appeared on Austrian state public television. ZIB (Zeit im Bild-see upper right corner of video) is the news service of ORF, Austrian Broadcast Corporation.

More on Finland

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

This week, we reported on the problem of sexual crimes by migrants in Finland. Here is a short video by Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns party. He describes the problem of a loose asylum policy by the Finnish government, the abuse of the system by migrants and offers common sense reforms.

The Insanity in Sacramento

Hat tip Daily Wire and Paul Schnee

Image result for insane asylum patients cartoons
At the state capitol in Sacramento

Out here in the one-party state of California, it's one big bhong party in Sacramento. The latest is the bit of insanity from Hannah-Beth Jackson, Democrat (what else?) from Santa Barbara. She (excuse the pronoun) has decided that only gender-neutral pronouns will be used during committee hearings.


NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 29: Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson speaks on equal pay and the SB 358 California Fair Pay Act at a press conference with California Lawmakers at North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Library on December 29, 2015 in North Holl   

Not only do our legislators have to take a Berlitz course in the New English, imagine the extra work for the stenographers (whoever they may be) who have to record every mistake in language and subsequent correction from people like Hannah-Beth Jackson.

Juan Cole and "Stateless Palestinians"

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

It seems University of Michigan professor Juan Cole embarrasses himself every time he sits before his keyboard and puts out nonsense on his blog, the curiously named "Informed Comment". Cole is an apologist for all things Islamic and Palestinian and a fierce critic of Israel. In his latest piece, Cole writes about the efforts of the Palestinians to gain recognition in the UN as a state.

First of all, let me say that I do not claim to be an expert on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I do know some basic facts that are backed up by history.

If you want to identify with a country that has never existed (Palestine), don't complain if you are stateless. Today's present-day "Palestinians" (as they use the term) are the descendants of those who left what is present-day Israel when the Arab nations invaded Israel after its declaration of Independence in 1948.  Yes, there had been decades of tension and fighting between Jews and Arabs, especially in the year preceding the War of Independence, and some Arabs were driven out while others chose to heed the call from the Arab world to leave the area of fighting until Israel was wiped out and they could return. Except that Israel was not wiped out. I don't know the percentage of Arabs who were driven out or left on their own accord. But then again, I am not an "expert" like Cole.

We hear a lot about all the "Palestinians" who were left "stateless" after 1948. What we don't hear a lot about is the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were driven out of Arab lands at that same time, many without their possessions. I have heard estimates of these numbers between 500,000 and 850,000. I don't know which is accurate, but then again, I am not an "expert" like Cole.

Unlike the Arabs who left Israel, the Jews who left Arab lands re-settled elsewhere, principally Israel, re-built their lives, and became productive citizens of their new nations. The Arabs ended up in refugee camps in neighboring lands-where they remained. Curiously, they never became citizens and integrated into these Arab societies. Jordan was an exception. Palestinians were granted Jordanian citizenship though many remained in refugee camps. Their status is quite complicated, however, and not without violence, as exhibited in the notorious "Black September" nightmare of 1970 when the Jordanian army killed many thousands of these people to put down an uprising. In 1988, when Jordan withdrew from the West Bank, thousands of these people lost their Jordanian citizenship.

The very term "Palestine" is a bit of a misnomer. The term was used by the Romans after they drove out the Jews some two thousand years ago. It means "Philistines". Over the centuries, some Jews always remained in the region. In more modern times "Palestine" was a backwater in the Ottoman Empire for 400 years until the Turks were on the losing side in World War One. But it was never a nation. In fact, if you referred to a "Palestinian" around 1900, you could just as easily have been referring to a Jewish resident of the area.  In terms of nationhood, however, Palestine is no more a nation than New England nor ever has been. 

I am not denying for a minute that many "Palestinians" have legitimate grievances. Where they have lost me is when they turned to acts of terror to gain their ends. I vividly recall the skyjackings in the late 1960s, the Munich Olympics massacre of 1972, the terror attacks in Europe, the Achille Lauro attack, and others too numerous to list here. Today, it still continues in the form of suicide bombings, kidnappings, knife attacks, vehicle attacks, murders of innocent Israeli civilians, and rockets launched into Israel from Gaza, all of which Cole ignores. In addition to disputes over land, so much of this is rooted in outright Jew hatred, which the Palestinians have artfully exported to the West in pushing their agenda. Rather than justice and human rights, it all centers around the goal of destroying Israel and expelling the Jews. That, of course, is lost on the "expert" Cole.

"The stateless have no standing in international institutions and fall through the cracks of international law. Israelis understand this, since the Fascists in the 1930s took citizenship away from European Jews. The Zionist or Jewish-Nationalist response was to create Israel to ensure that Jews did not remain stateless. It was their temporary statelessness under Hitler that facilitated the Holocaust, since stateless people have no tribunal in which to adjudicate their rights."

Prior to World War Two, thousands of German Jews fled Nazi Germany to escape persecution until the Nazis stopped their ability to emigrate. There was the Kindertransport, where thousands of Jewish children were sent to England by their families. Many, like the family of Anne Frank, found refuge in the Netherlands until Germany occupied that country and rounded up the Jews. The same happened in France and other occupied countries. There were some shameful episodes, like that of the ship, St Louis, when Jews were turned away from America. But does Cole. who is supposed to be an "expert" or "informed", really believe that had European Jews had some sort of tribunal to "adjudicate their rights" that would have stopped Hitler? The only thing that could have stopped Hitler and did stop Hitler was the combined military might of the Allies, including the US and Soviet Union, not some tribunal-unless you want to count the military tribunals at Nuremberg, which came after the fact.

"The Israeli hardliners are in essence adopting precisely the same policy toward the Palestinians as the Fascists did toward the Jews and Gypsies and gays in the 1930s, though of course they have not taken the horrific genocidal steps taken by Hitler in the 1940s. But the 1930s were no picnic for German minorities, and the danger to stateless Palestinians is that something horrible could yet be done to them with relative impunity for the Israeli leadership, for whom the United States will run interference no matter what."

This is pure hysteria. Who really believes that the Israelis would consider rounding up Palestinians and exterminating them? Well, I guess Cole and his friends do because they are always throwing around the word "genocide" ignoring the fact that since 1948, the number of "Palestinians" has multiplied. One cannot say the same about European Jewry, most of whom died in the Holocaust. Contrary to the Palestinian/Cole narrative, Israel has acted with great restraint in its military responses to attacks. They go to great lengths to try and spare innocent civilians while the Palestinians use civilians to shield themselves and maximize civilian deaths for PR benefit. To compare Israelis to the fascists of the 1930s is absurd on its face. In fact, the US State Department, in its definition of anti-semitism, includes comparing Israelis to Nazis as an element of anti-semitism.

"Palestine cannot become a full UN member without the agreement of the UN Security Council, on which the United States will wield its veto and ensure that the Palestinians remain stateless."

And why should the US vote to declare "Palestine" a state?  Not only would that undermine any possible negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians, you might as well vote to return the American Southwest to Mexico or declare New England a sovereign nation. Such a vote would only serve to create more chaos in the region. And just what does the US owe to Palestinians anyway? They have murdered and maimed American citizens and danced in the streets on 9-11. I fully support Trump's move to remove US support from them until they renounce terror and demonstrate they really want a negotiated peace with Israel.

Cole is symptomatic of what infects universities today in that he presents a one-sided narrative representing his own personal viewpoints. He has his right to express them, but it doesn't speak well for the state of American universities today.  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a long, complicated issue with two peoples laying claim to the same land. While I am a supporter of Israel, I am sure there are shades of grey between the two sides. It's unfortunate that Cole chooses to put it in such black and white terms. After all, he is supposed to be an "informed expert." He should know better.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Margot Wallström Extols Islam in the Swedish Parliament

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and  Kronanse Martell for translation.

Margot Wallström is Sweden's deputy prime  minister and foreign minister. Her political career has been marked by a long history of condemnations of Israel and siding with the Palestinians.

She recently took to the floor of the Swedish Parliament to assert her admiration of Islam. The video we are showing is an excerpt, and we don't have the full context of why she felt it was necessary to address the issue. She refers to reports going around about comments she or someone else may have made about Islam. In this video she says that Sweden has the greatest respect for Islam and its contributions to society.

Also included in this video is a scene from a protest march held in Stockholm in December 2017 against Israel. In this march, Muslims can be seen chanting that infamous ditty, "Khaybar Khaybar, o Yahud", a reference to a battle where Mohammad's army wiped out the Jews of Khaybar. They also chant, "Long live  Margot Wallström!"

I don't think Margot Wallström has to worry about her standing with the Islamic world. 

Swedish Schools Today

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Kronanse Martell for translation

Here is a Swedish report on what Swedish school teachers are having to put up with today. I am cross-posting this from Vlad Tepes.

Report From Finland

We can add Finland to the European nations being plagued by migrant sexual offenses. This past week, British activist Katie Hopkins and her Austrian counterpart, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, traveled to Finland to investigate the phenomena. Not surprisingly, they found that the Finnish media is failing to inform the public about the scope of the problem. The below video has been posted by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Buzzfeed "Blockbuster"

Image result for buzzards feeding on carrion
Buzzfeed: "We got a hell of a story here, Tony."

CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are having a field day with the Buzzfeed report released by writers Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier that alleges that President Trump instructed his attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie under oath about Trump's efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. At issue was at what point in the campaign did the project end. The writers have claimed that they were given, shown, or told about the matter and alleged corroborating texts, emails, investigative reports etc by federal agents close to the investigation. That would indicate the FBI, DOJ and/or someone from the office of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

I would like to address this story from the perspective of a retired federal agent (Drug Enforcement Administration).

First of all, if the story is true-and we don't know if it is- Trump would be guilty of suborning perjury, and that is a serious matter. I don't want to downplay it.

Secondly, even if the accusation is true, there is another crime that has been committed here. That would be by the government agents who were the sources for the Buzzfeed article. Simply put, you don't leak investigative information to the media during the course of an on-going investigation. If this is what happened, it is despicable, unethical, unprofessional, and yes-criminal. It would serve to confirm that there is such a thing as the "deep state" comprised of government employees at high levels who are determined to remove this president from office. We saw  it with Andrew McCabe, and we saw it with Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.

Let me turn to Mr Cohen. He stands as a convicted  felon and liar who is preparing to spend three years in prison. If and when he ever takes the witness stand, he will require 100% corroboration for his testimony. That would mean audio tapes, texts, emails and something by Trump-written or recorded- that corroborates the allegations. Simply put, you couldn't put a dog in the pound based on Cohen's testimony alone. I know from experience having helped put informants, cooperating co-conspirators, and  other criminal types on the stand that their word alone means little. In fact, a judge will instruct the jurors to consider the testimony of such witnesses with great caution. If Mueller cannot corroborate such an allegation by Cohen, this will go nowhere.

Many will say if Cohen is such a sleazeball, why did Trump use him as his attorney for so long? It's a good question, but carries more weight politically than evidentially though jurors might themselves wonder.

Alisyn Camerota interviewed Cormier on CNN's New Day show. He insisted their information was "rock solid", but said that they had not personally seen the documents that would corroborate the allegation. He added that their two sources were "read into" the investigation and that they (the sources) had seen the evidence. He also referred to FBI investigative reports (302s).  When asked by Camerota if they had seen the documents, Cormier responded, "No, I've not seen it personally."

It seems that between statements made to the media in the past 24 hours by both reporters, there is confusion over whether they had actually seen corroborating documents. Hotair addresses that aspect here.

Confusing the issue, Leopold indicated to MSNBC that they had seen documents.

“I’ll say we’ve seen documents and been briefed,” he said.

"Mediaite contacted Leopold for his response to Cormier’s statement that he hasn’t personally seen the documents cited in their report. He responded with “Yes. Anthony said HE had not personally seen the documents.”

Further clouding the issue is the fact that Leopold has a history of inaccurate reporting that has brought embarrassment to multiple news outlets, like Salon.  He was reportedly fired by the Los Angeles Times. In 2006, he "broke" the story that Karl Rove had been indicted. (He wasn't.)

In short, this story cannot be accepted at face value. That won't stop the media feeding frenzy and the hysterical proclamations by Democrats like Joaquin Castro that Trump must be impeached.

* Breaking: And just as I am concluding this piece, the Office of the Special Counsel is disputing the Buzzfeed story.

"BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate," said Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller's office." 

What Happens When Jews Go to Speakers' Corner (London)

Hat tip Israel Advocacy Movement and Vlad Tepes

If you want a taste of modern day anti-semitism, watch this sickening video taken by Jews who went to London's Speakers' Corner.

This video is very informative. It starts with the Arab Jew haters and ends with the leftist who has been infected with the pro-Palestinian propaganda about Jews.

Suspect in Barcelona Roundup

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

A few day ago, we reported on a roundup of 14 terror suspects in the Barcelona area. Below is a video translated by Fousesquawk and sub-tilted by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes.

Jim Acosta Screws up-Hitler Reacts

My latest Hitler rant masterpiece

* Believe it or not, when Hitler was spending his last days in the bunker in 1945, the defending American League champs were the 1944 St Louis Browns, before they became the Baltimore Orioles. It was their only AL championship.

** 1945 was the last year the Cubs won the NL pennant until 2016.

Long Tall Texan Alert

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Enforcing Sharia Law

Warren Christopher Clark (aka Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki) of Houston is one of two Americans recently captured fighting for ISIS in Syria. He was subsequently interviewed. Jihad Watch has details.

Apparently,  Clark, al-Ameriki, al-Texi, or whatever he calls himself, thinks crucifixions are no big deal. He should try being on the receiving end some time.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Updates on UCLA-UC Irvine Disruptions

Hat tip Algemeiner and Debbie

We have previously reported on disruptions of pro-Israel events that occurred at UC Irvine and UCLA over the past two years. While no arrests have been made, complaints have been filed by those negatively impacted. The below article by Algemeiner brings us up to date on the progress of those two cases.

There is both good and bad to take out of this article. On the one hand, both universities, like so many others, have for far too long tolerated disruptive and intimidating behavior exhibited by pro-Palestinian students. On the other hand, it is a hopeful sign that those who engage in such behavior might somehow be held accountable.

A couple of points I would like to highlight:

"Within legal limits, UC police departments function like a private force, answerable to the campus administration, which, in turn, often obeys the dictates of the college’s public affairs managers. If a university wants to downplay an incident, it can exercise discretion and instruct the police forces to overlook a disruption. If the police departments do not investigate and refer a case to prosecutors, no criminal action will be taken by prosecutors.
Observers believe a built-in conflict of interest and system of unequal justice can emerge when publicity-shy media relations managers can give campus police their marching orders."
This to me is a universal problem with university campuses. The campus police answer to university administrators, and the last thing most university administrators want to see is students arrested on campus. Thus, we have what I call, "the potted plant syndrome", where campus police are placed in a position of keeping a low profile and trying to diffuse a situation rather than enforce the law and protect the rights of all to express their opinions. At UC Irvine in particular, I have observed campus police act with the utmost professionalism in heading off potential violent situations, while at other times, allowing too much free rein to pro-Palestinian activists in taking away the free speech rights of pro-Israel speakers and audience members. 
Though somewhat unrelated, one of the worst examples in recent years was the performance (or non-performance of UC Berkeley campus police during the riot that ensued when conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to speak on campus in 2017.
"Whether or not the perpetrators at UCLA or UCI are prosecuted, it seems the reality on the ground at UC campuses has been altered. In the days after Thanksgiving 2018, this writer delivered four consecutive lectures on Israel history at California campuses: UC Davis, UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, and UCLA. Despite concerns, no interference or disruption manifested.
The UCLA event was sponsored by a coalition of groups including the same Students Supporting Israel chapter that had been harassed last May. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, attended to kick off the live-streamed event. At UCLA, it was a new day. When campus police learned of the event, they took immediate steps to ensure it would proceed with no interference. Two UCLA PD officers were dispatched to the event itself, both highly trained and deeply conversant with the pro-Israel and Jewish communal scene. A representative of the administration joined the officers. The police and administration declared that, in the event of a disruption, perpetrators would be given one warning to immediately cease and desist. If they did not, “they will be arrested and charged.” This, coupled with the LA prosecutor’s watchful eye, combined to insulate the event from criminal disruption."
This is a positive development. The universities are now on notice that outside organizations are not willing to take this lying down. Free speech and protests are one thing, but disruptions, intimidation, and the denial of free speech to others is quite another. A university campus should not be a sanctuary for the law, no matter how many students, professors, or administrators may think it is. Those who are bullied, intimidated, disrupted, or have their free speech rights taken away have laws to resort to.
I commend the students and organizations that have said that enough is enough.

France's Shameful Past

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The recent extradition of Red Brigades fugitive Cesare Battisti to Italy from South America has opened up a sordid chapter in French history. There are dozens of Red Brigade murderers from the 1970s who found refuge in France and are still living there. It is time for France to return them to Italy to face justice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

David Webb and "White Privilege"

Hat tip Eurnews

Conservative commentator David Webb was interviewing Areva Martin, a legal analyst for CNN, on his radio show. The interview was over the phone not in person. At one point, Martin lectured Webb that he was successful in media due to his "white privilege". That was when Webb informed her that he was black.

It's been another bad week for CNN after Jim Acosta's venture to the border wall at McAllen, Texas. As Wolf Blitzer might say in his Situation Room, "We have (another ) situation."

Palestinian Thuggery in Action at UMich

Once again the pro-Palestinian thugs displayed their tactics of disruption and intimidation at the University of Michigan. Once again, cowardly administrators let them get away with it. On Friday, a panel was being held to address the recent controversy over University of Michigan professors who had refused to write letters of recommendation for students wishing to study in Israel. That drew a rebuke from the university administration, which naturally, upset the pro-Palestinian crowd, both students and faculty.

So during the meeting, pro-Palestinian forces hijacked the proceedings. Rather than have them ejected by campus police, one professor actually thanked them for their "participation".

The Michigan Daily, campus paper of UMich, has the disgusting details.

"During the two-hour event, the panel members listened without comment as DAP speakers presented their views and lead the discussion. After Abdullah adjourned the event, Duderstadt spoke again, addressing DAP to thank them for facilitating a fruitful conversation.
“Let me also make a comment,” Duderstadt said. “First comment is to thank you very much because I think by taking over our meeting you actually triggered a dialogue which has taught us a great deal. Your voice is very important. This is an institution based on academic freedom and the freedom of speech, not just for faculty and staff but very much so for student groups such as yours.”

This is sickening. Somebody at UMich needs to grow a pair.

More on Barcelona Arrests

Yesterday we reported briefly on the 14 anti-terror arrests made by Spanish police in and around Barcelona. I will summarize the contents (in Spanish) of the below article.

Five raids resulting in 13 arrests were made by police in Barcelona with an additional raid outside Barcelona resulting in one arrest. The operation involved over 100 agents of the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalonian police ) The investigation began in 2017 in connection with ordinary criminal activity. The suspects (not identified) are described as a "jihadist cell".

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Anti-Terror Raid in Barcelona

Spanish police in and around Barcelona have conducted a sweep and arrested 14 Arab men they say were planning terror attacks. We are working on a  translation of a news video and will post when available.

UCLA Professors Cry Over Chancellors' Letter

Hat tip Daily Bruin and Campus Watch

In December, all ten University of California chancellors signed a statement condemning the academic boycott of Israel. Spurred in part by the fact that certain activist professors in other universities were refusing to write letters of recommendation for students wishing to study in Israel (specifically, the University of Michigan), the chancellors, normally timid by nature, finally decided that academic freedom was at risk (which it is).

Naturally, that letter led to howls of outrage from UC professors who feel their main academic calling is to trash Israel. At UCLA, two pro-Palestinian propagandists, Saree Makdisi and James Gelvin, were particularly outspoken.

(I urge the reader to check out the reader comment thread and the anti-Jewish comments of a reader who identifies himself as Paul hellenic.)

I have seen Makdisi speak at UC Irvine on two occasions. On one occasion in January 2016, he misrepresented the State Department definition of anti-semitism as including any criticism of Israel. He also complained that pro-Palestinian supporters in universities were being treated badly, a statement that turned facts on their heads since, in reality, it is the pro-Israel voices who are intimidated and disrupted with regularity. In the above article, he is quoted as saying:

"Saree Makdisi, an English professor, said in an email statement that the opposition to an Israeli boycott contradicts the university’s previous endorsements of similar boycotts, citing the UC’s travel ban on nine states that authorize discrimination against LGBTQ people.
“I don’t recall seeing any expressions of concern for how heterosexual or cisgendered people might feel hurt by this boycott, nor worries about isolating Alabama or Kansas: Indeed, such isolation is the point,” Makdisi said."

I would ask Makdisi if he is so concerned about gay rights, why doesn't he pay more attention to what happens to gays in the Arab world-especially in his much benighted Gaza (where they are thrown off rooftops)? Indeed, Israel is the only country in the region where gays can find acceptance. But Makdisi would of course respond that that is just "pink washing" (Israel taking unfair propaganda advantage of its humane treatment of gays as opposed to her neighbors!) This is the kind of logic and reasoning that prevails in academia these days.

James Gelvin is a leading figure in UCLA's Center for Near East Studies, so typical of university departments that specialize in that area of the world. CNES is nothing more than a center of pan-Arab, anti-Israel, anti-West sentiment. This is a guy who insists he doesn't use his classroom to advance his political beliefs yet puts them on his class syllabi.

The University of California is one of the more egregious examples of institutions trying to grapple with campus anti-semitism. The chancellors' letter is a positive step, but much needs to be done to better protect pro-Israel Jewish students on campus from intimidation. Hand-in-hand with that is the problem of so many oddball leftist professors, most of whom hate Israel and who use their positions as professors to shove their world views down the throats of their students.

Another Terror Attack in Kenya

As I write, this latest terror attack has not yet ended. Today, 4 gunmen entered a hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya and began shooting people indiscriminately. The Somalia-based terror group, Al Shabaab, has already claimed responsibility for this horrific act, the latest attack they have carried out in Kenyan territory.

There is much to be found out when the dust settles and all the killers are either killed or arrested. I wonder how many of the attackers are people that some Western country (including the US) had allowed in as refugees and who chose to go back and join this despicable terror group.

And just imagine. These animals think they are doing this to please Allah, as if God wants his children murdering each other in his name.

*Update: 18:35 PDT   The hotel has apparently been secured. At this point, we don't know exactly how many are dead. It could be more than 15 by some reports. We don't yet know about the attackers.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Free Speech in German Universities

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

If you think that we have a problem with political correctness and suppression of speech only in American universities, think again. It is also a problem in German universities.

Most recently, this has been demonstrated at the University of Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia), where Thilo Sarrazin was invited to speak. Sarrazin, a politician and writer, is a critic of mass migration into Germany as well as Islam. Thus, his invitation caused objections from students and faculty.

Is a little history in order here? We should remember that before Hitler took power in Germany, one of his main targets was the universities. I myself was stationed  in Erlangen as a US soldier in the 1960s, the town whose university student government was the first university where Nazis gained a majority. Once Hitler took over, Jewish  professors were purged, Jewish students were forced out, and everything taught followed the Nazi party line. That was in every university in Germany. Freedom of speech was dead.

Does Germany want to see its universities return to the days when only one opinion was allowed to be heard?

Learning About Berkeley

Hat tip Daily Californian and California Defender

Who says you can't learn anything by reading the Daily Californian? (UC Berkeley's campus newspaper).  In truth, the DC is one of the more ridiculous campus newspapers in the nation, with such delicacies as op-ed writers detailing their far out sexual practices in print and the usual left-wing garbage. I must admit, however, that I have learned a lot from the DC in the past two days.

Yesterday, I cross-posted this article concerning Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky's decision to remove the name of John Boalt from the school's building after 100 years. Not only did I not know that Boalt's name was affixed to the building, I had no idea who Boalt was to begin with. I do now. As Donald Trump might say, he was a bad hombre.

Today, I noted in the reader comment thread (because I made my own comment) that one reader (identified only as California Defender) had made a very salient point. It had to do with the man that the city of Berkeley and hence the university are named after. Turns out he was a British man named George Berkeley. Here is the reader comment:

"What about Bishop George Berkeley? The slave owner your entire university is named after?
In 1729, he wrote:
"It would be of advantage to their slave masters' affairs to have slaves who should obey their masters, not with mere eye-service as men-pleasers, but in singleness of heart, as like fearing God; that gospel liberty consists with temporal servitude; and so slaves would only become better slaves by being Christian."
If you don't call for Berkeley, university and town, to change their names, you are a hypocrite."

Not knowing who Bishop George Berkeley was, I found this from the New World Encyclopedia.

"In 1725 Berkeley formed the project of founding a college in Bermuda for training ministers for the colonies and missionaries to the Indians, in pursuit of which he gave up his deanery with its income of £1,100, and went to America on a salary of £100. He landed near Newport, Rhode Island, where he bought a plantation—the famous "Whitehall." On October 4, 1730, Berkeley purchased "a Negro man named Philip aged Fourteen years or thereabout." A few days later he purchased "a Negro man named Edward aged twenty years or thereabouts." On June 11, 1731, "Dean Berkeley baptized three of his negroes, 'Philip, Anthony, and Agnes Berkeley'" (The bills of slave can be found in the British Museum (Ms. 39316); qtd. in Mason, 51).
Berkeley's sermons explained to the colonists why Christianity supported slavery, and hence slaves should become baptized Christians: "It would be of advantage to their [slave masters'] affairs to have slaves who should 'obey in all things their masters according to the flesh, not with eye-service as men-pleasers, but in singleness of heart, as fearing God;' that gospel liberty consists with temporal servitude; and that their slaves would only become better slaves by being Christian" (qtd. in Berkeley, 347. See his sermon preached in Newport, October 1729)."
But if you really want to know why the town and the university bear Berkeley's name, consider this (from good old reliable Wikipedia):
"George Berkeley (/ˈbɑːrkli/;[4][5] 12 March 1685 – 14 January 1753) – known as Bishop Berkeley (Bishop of Cloyne) – was an Anglo-Irish philosopher whose primary achievement was the advancement of a theory he called "immaterialism" (later referred to as "subjective idealism" by others). This theory denies the existence of material substance and instead contends that familiar objects like tables and chairs are only ideas in the minds of perceivers and, as a result, cannot exist without being perceived. Berkeley is also known for his critique of abstraction, an important premise in his argument for immaterialism."

(Maybe his true name was Bishop George Beserkly.)
I think the town and the university are now faced with serious quandary: Should they not only change the name of the UCB law school building, shouldn't they also change the name of the town and the university altogether?
Here's my suggestion: Why not change the name of both and name them after one of Berkeley's most famous native sons? I nominate none other than that great former Yankee player and manager, hard drinking, hard brawling, Billy Martin (number 1 below), born and raised in Berkeley.  

Image result for billy martin arguing with umpire
Billy Martinsville and Billy Martin University. Kinda have a nice ring to them, don't you think?