Sunday, November 4, 2018

The UN Migration Pact

The UN, which never ceases to come up with bad ideas, has come up with the grand daddy of them all with something called the UN Migration Pact. As one might expect, it puts a huge happy face on migration (come one-come all, legally or illegally) and wants all member nations to support it-though it is supposed to be non-binding. The EU naturally supports it, but not all member nations do. European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker, apparently forgetting the non-binding part of it, is upset that Austria wants no part of it.

The first video below is  Jörg Zajonc a German reporter for RTL giving a  critical analysis.

In the second video, Herbert  Kickl, the Austrian interior minister gives his critical take on the Pact.

And below, we have Mr Juncker commenting ominously on the Austrian refusal.

The US has pulled out of the Pact. In addition, the Czech Republic and Hungary have announced they will not be part of the Pact. Poland is expected to pull out as well. Looks like Mr Juncker has his hands full.


ChrisLA said...

Add Croatia

Squid said...

The UN and the EU are Globalist orgs. They want to abolish borders. As a result in EU countries, they are overrun by Muslim populations in no go zones. Violence has also come their way. The UN would be more than pleased to see a borderless world with the UN at the governing body of the world. Then, we would see Marxism taking over.