Monday, November 5, 2018

George Soros and Mastercard

-Gates of Vienna

The below article is running in today's Il Giornale, which is translated by Fousesquawk. It charges that George Soros is financing pre-paid Mastercards for migrants entering Europe.

Prepaid cards for migrants: 
Soros pays. UN and EU Give Blessing

It's called Humanity Ventures , and it is the partnership signed in January 2017 in Davos between financier George Soros and Mastercard , based on the mogul's promise to allocate $ 500 million to migrants in Europe. As stated on the Mastercard website , the project aims to "catalyze and accelerate the economic and social development of vulnerable communities around the world, in particular refugees and migrants".
From words to facts, because Humanity Ventures is now a reality. According to the Slovenian website Nova24 , which cites internal sources of the Croatian police, the migrants crossing the Balkans would be distributed prepaid cards: "The illegal migrants that we send home, in a few days, reappear to try and return to Croatia . Some are very poor, but most of them are well equipped, with new shoes and clothes, sophisticated and latest generation smartphones, even weapons. And they all come with a Mastercard without a name but with the word Unhcr and a number stamped. What we do not (know) is from which account is withdrawn money from ATMs. "

Soros and Mastercard 

If at the moment the role of the European Union and especially of the United Nations is not clear at all, there is less doubt about the involvement of Mastercard which announced on its official website the launch of the project in collaboration with the founder of the Open Society Foundations : " billions of dollars in humanitarian and development assistance every year - says the official note - millions of people remain marginalized. Mastercard and George Soros believe that the capabilities of the private sector, together with long-term strategic investments, can stimulate development and transform life for the less well off. "Humanity Ventures is destined to be profitable so as to stimulate the involvement of other entrepreneurs, "said Soros. 
In another official note dated June 2016 , the colossus confirms its commitment on this front: "By exploiting our technologies and products such as MasterCard Aid Network and Prepaid, Mastercard collaborates with partners to provide essential services in the most critical moments of the life of the refugees. To date, Mastercard Aid and Prepaid cards have been used in humanitarian missions in Africa, Asia and Europe - in countries such as Turkey, Kenya, Yemen, Nepal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Niger, the Philippines and Greece - and are available to support thousands of beneficiaries. "

Prepaid cards given to migrants

In an interview with Forbes last year, Tara Nathan , executive vice president of Mastercard, explained how the company has collaborated with organizations around the world in supporting migrants: "By creating an offline payment platform and 'offering prepaid cards, digital financial identification and point of sale systems for local merchants, we essentially created a digital version of the paper voucher ,' commented Nathan.
The news leaked by the Croatian police in these hours is confirmed by that interview, which cites the partnership of Mastercard with Mercy Corps , another important "philanthropic" organization based in the USA which, explains the vice-president of Mastercard, "has allowed the distribution of prepaid cards to refugees throughout Greece and Serbia "  in the first program of the region to exploit a cashless payment system for those seeking security in Europe. The model - observes Nathan - allows refugees to buy goods more efficiently without spending too much ". 
All this for what purpose? As Soros himself explained , Humanity Ventures is destined to be a profitable business ...

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