Monday, November 19, 2018

Dangerous Swimming Pools in the Netherlands

Earlier this month, a group of young males (who had already been banned from a public swimming pool in the Dutch town of Tilburg, began physically harassing young girls in the pool during a halloween party. Though the news report does not report it, my source in the Netherlands, who passed this on to me, informs me that these were Moroccan youths who were involved. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Halloween party in pool: possibly four girls assaulted

Tilburg's spook party falls into the water

TILBURG - A Halloween party in the Tilburg recreational pool Stappegoor was ended early Saturday night, because the situation was threatening and unsafe.

The Tilburg swimming pool was closed early Saturday night.
The Tilburg swimming pool was closed early Saturday night.

According to Omroep (Broadcast) Brabant, groups of young people were physically and verbally annoying and young girls were surrounded and harassed by older boys. Witnesses speak of assault in four cases. The girls who were attacked were removed out of the water. Stappegoor (pool)  is used by the local public. Whether or not there was actually a sexual assault has to be sorted out according to the municipality.

Because the atmosphere became increasingly grimmer, the party had to be ended prematurely. "Social safety and swimming safety could no longer be guaranteed," says a municipal spokesman for Omroep BrabantAlso, the evacuation of the pool did not go without a struggle. Among other things, stones were thrown.

Tilburg (below)
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