Wednesday, August 8, 2018

AMCHA Initiative Study of Campus Anti-Semitism in 2017

My friends at the AMCHA Initiative have published a report analyzing campus anti-semitism in 2017, comparing incidents of classical anti-semitism with those involving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are also several anecdotal examples of incidents at various universities during the year.

It should  be noted that many incidents of anti-semitism on campus, while focused on Israel, still utilize classical anti-Jewish tropes, such as the blood libel, customized to accusations of Israelis harvesting body organs, Holocaust denial, Jewish control of banks, media, etc and American Jews whose greater loyalty is allegedly to Israel rather than America.

Many incidents cannot be positively attributed to any particular group because painting of swastikas and vandalism are generally anonymous incidents. I hold to my opinion, however, that most anti-semitism in America today comes from pro-Palestinian/Arab/Muslim quarters, who are not averse to utilizing classic anti-semitic canards. I don't mean to minimize groups like the KKK or neo-Nazi types. They should also be condemned.

The universities  generally will condemn anti-semitism if it comes from white racists like the above groups. As the report indicates, they are not so willing to confront it when takes the form of opposition to Israel. Why is that? Because, in my opinion, that would force them to confront groups like the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine and expose their forms of Jew hatred.

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